Vacuum Coffee Maker Have You Had A Coffee From One?

by PickMyBrewer Team

Let me guess, you are one of these guys that goes to some ‘barista’ every morning and thinks that he is getting real coffee.  Let me tell you, something pal, that stuff is candy compared to the coffee that a vacuum coffee maker makes.  You want the real thing or are you going to keep spending a fortune on that trendy brew?

Vacuum Coffee Maker

Okay, maybe we did get in your face a little bit, but that is what this coffee and this type of brewer are all about.  This is real coffee for real people.  A vacuum coffee maker makes coffee like it was meant to be drunk.  The brewing process allows you to have a full-flavoured brew that you can make exactly how you like it.  Stronger, weaker (sissy) or however you choose.  You get to see the brewing process right before your eyes and the flavour is out of this world.

Now if you think this is some new technology, you could not be more wrong.  These coffee makers first came to be in the early 1800s and were a great improvement of the old percolator pots that you used to see on the stoves of every American household.  It is actually the same basic principle, but the flavour is much better.

In order to make a pot of coffee, you have to fill the bottom up with water and the top up with coffee.   When you close the pot, it is vacuum-sealed, hence the name.  You then put the pot on the heat and let nature takes its course from there.  The heat of the water will cause it to rise up the siphon tube and into the top portion of the pot.  Once it is there, it mixes with the coffee grinds.

For best results, you will want the water to mix with the grinds for about three minutes or so before allowing it to travel back down into the lower chamber.  As it does, the grinds are kept in the top portion and what you get is a full flavoured cup of coffee that is second to none.  One cup of this and you will be hooked for life.

When you are out shopping for them, you can choose from the more traditional vacuum coffee maker or add a little bit of modern technology into the mix by getting an electric vacuum coffee maker.  For the purest, the standard one is the only one that gets the true flavour, but the electric ones are so much improved over years past that they are hard to forego for the consistent product that you get.

Old or new, young or old, this is a coffee maker that is second to none.  Forget the fancy flavours and all of that other stuff that people are putting into their coffee these days.  Just go with a good old fashioned cup that is brewed the old fashioned way and drink coffee the way it was meant to be made.

Take a Step Back in Time with this technology

Remember when you were a kid and mom or dad had the old percolator coffee maker on the stove for that fresh brew.  Even if you did not like the stuff, how can you resist the smell?  Today, people have gone to the futuristic coffee makers that are out there with so many gadgets on them, you don’t know if you are getting a cup of coffee or the cure for cancer.  Every now and again, it might be good to take a step back and use a vacuum coffee maker.

Now let’s get this straight, this is not new technology trying to cash in on a more traditional way to make the coveted morning brew.  The technology for this was introduced in the early 1800s and remains a die-hards favourite way to make a cup of the black juice.  You just don’t see people today with the time or patience to learn something that will produce a better cup of coffee.

vacuum coffee maker

The method of brewing is actually quite simple. You fill the bottom portion of the pot with water and then the top portion with the appropriate amount of grinds.  You put them together and they are then sealed.  The pot will sit on the heating element until the water boils at which point it will rise up the siphoning tube into the grinds.  You can remove the pot from the heat at this time and allow the water to mix with the coffee and then fall back down into the lower portion of the pot.  That is all there is to it.

This is basically the same thing that was used back in the day my mom and dad and that you see in the old cowboy movies.  This is coffee in its purest form.  All of these sissies that get their flavoured coffee from Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have no clue about what coffee is supposed to taste like.  One sip of this powerful brew will let them realize that they have been drinking sissy juice up until now.

In all seriousness, making coffee this way will take a bit of getting used to, but when you finally get it down, the reward is unbelievable.  There is almost an art form in making the perfect cup and the smile that comes across your face when you have achieved the perfect cup is something that only a true coffee lover would appreciate.

Now if you are interested in one of these magic makers, you will be glad to know that you can find them in the traditional form and today being what it is, there are also electric vacuum coffee makers that you can use.  They take a bit of the risk and error out of the making of the cup of coffee, but purists would consider that cheating.

Whether you want to take a little advantage or rough it out the old way, getting a vacuum coffee maker allows you to take a step back and truly appreciate what a real cup of coffee is.  Whether you choose to savour it yourself on a special occasion or share it with friends is up to you.  Just make sure you get one so you can once again experience true coffee.

Take one on Your Next Camping Trip

Going camping is always a fun time for the family.  Getting out to the great outdoors is a past time that many love.  The entire family can bond without any television or electricity to create distractions.  There are no computers or video games to keep the kids from enjoying the time spent with the family.  The only person who really suffers is the coffee drinkers of the family.  No electrical outlets mean that the only coffee that they can drink is instant.  One way to get fresh brewed real coffee is by taking a vacuum coffee maker on the trip as well.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning after sleeping in a tent under the stars.  There is no traffic noise and the only sounds are the sounds of the forest waking up.  The silence is beautiful to many.  It is a peaceful and comforting feeling.

The only thing that can spoil or mar the morning is being forced to take this perfect start of the day and make a cup of nasty instant coffee.   When everything else in the morning is so great, there is no need to ruin it with coffee that just does not taste good.  Just because you do not have any electricity does not mean that you can not have a great cup of coffee to start of your busy day.

There are many vacuum coffee makers that can be used on the stovetop.  If you are not using a camp stove, this is not a problem.  You can place the coffee maker at the edge of the fire to heat up.  Once the coffee gets going, you can let it brew while you get the rest of the breakfast prepared for the family.

When the coffee is done brewing, you can make sure that you are getting your favourite coffee flavour without giving up on the electricity-free camping experience.  The kids will enjoy watching the coffee being made in a special way.  When the vacuum starts working to bring the brewed coffee from the top carafe down the bottom serving carafe, the kids will get a thrill out of this effect.

While it will match the enjoyment of a video game, it will keep them occupied for a least a few minutes while you are preparing breakfast.  While they are eating, you and any other of the coffee drinkers on the trip can relax and get ready for the busy day ahead.

While you can purchase an electric vacuum coffee maker, the most popular choice for these is the stovetop vacuum, coffee maker.  This makes the perfect coffee maker for a camping trip.  Getting back to nature does not mean that you have to drink instant coffee.  It does not mean you have to give up the coffee you love.  It simply means that you need to change the way in which you brew your coffee.  A vacuum coffee maker will give you great tasting coffee without the need for electricity.

What is the Best Type of Coffee For This Maker?

A vacuum coffee maker is a great way to make a nice cup of coffee.  The brewing process is fun to watch and many feel that this is the purest form of coffee brewing around.  There are two types of vacuum coffee makers.  The first is the standard stovetop and the other is the electric vacuum, coffee maker.  Both of them work on the same principle.

They both have two carafes.  One is on the top for the ground coffee beans and the other for the water.  As the water heats up it is forced into the upper carafe.  This is when the brewing takes place.  Then the vacuum effect that is created causes the brewed coffee to be sucked down into the bottom carafe.  You will be able to use this bottom carafe to serve and pour the coffee into cups.

The difference between the two types is that one uses heat from an outside source such as a stovetop or open fire.  The other needs electricity to work.  You need to plug it in and an interior heating element will heat up the water and then it moves to the upper carafe.  This is the only difference between the two types of vacuum coffee makers.

It will not take long for you to have a wonderfully brewed cup of coffee.  Not only does the coffee taste good, but it is an entertaining way to make a cup of coffee.  Many who do not drink coffee enjoy watching the brewing process with this type of coffee maker.

You can not use just any type of coffee in these.  This is because there are many grinds and types of coffee on the market today.  Certain grinds will tend to clog up the hole where the water rises to the top carafe.

You may end up spending more time cleaning the top carafe if you use a fine blend of coffee beans.  Your best bet is to use a coarse grind when making coffee in this manner.  The thicker the actual grind is the less chance of clogging the spigot.

You can purchase coffee beans and grind them yourself as a way to get the perfect grind every time.  This is also nice because it allows you to purchase a better quality of the coffee.  There are many gourmet blends that are perfect for grinding.  You can mix and match until you find the perfect blend for your taste.

While you can use a standard store or national brand of coffee in a vacuum coffee maker, the fact is that many would think this is a scandal.  With the perfection of the brew, a coffee maker like the vacuum coffee maker truly deserves a rich blend of coffee.  It is worth the money to get a better blend of coffee than to simply purchase coffee that has already been ground and comes in a huge tub.

Do not be Afraid to Use this Coffee Maker

Coffee has been a popular drink for centuries.  The stimulating properties have been invigorating and waking people up in the morning for a long time.  The vacuum coffee maker was popularized in Switzerland in the 1950s.  Many people fear the vacuum coffee maker as they think that they will break it or that it will not work for them.

While this is not a new process in Europe, it is relatively new in the United States.  Many people who love special blends and roasts are turning to the vacuum coffee makers to get the perfect brew of coffee.  The process is pure and does not require any electrical outlets.

That is not to say that you can not purchase an electric vacuum coffee maker, you can.  But most people who use this method prefer the stovetop coffee maker.  Others are perfectly content with the electric models.  It really is a matter of personal choice as to which coffee maker type of use.

The vacuum coffee maker comes with two distinct vessels.  The bottom is where the water will be held and where the coffee will eventually be poured from.  The top is where the ground coffee will be placed and where the brewing actually takes place.  Both pieces are fitted together when the brewing process takes place.

You will place the water in the bottom pot.  Then put the ground coffee in the top.  Make sure that you are not using an espresso or another fine grind as this can muck up the opening the brewed coffee will flow through.  If you are using a stovetop vacuum coffee maker, then you need to put it on the stove.

You will need to use a heat resistant trivet to keep the direct heat or flame off of the coffee maker.  Once the heat begins to boil the water it will be forced into the top of the maker and will mix with the ground coffee to brew.  Remove it from the stove and allow the brewing process to continue.

As the coffee brews, it will be drawn back down into the bottom through a natural vacuum.  This is why it is called a vacuum coffee maker.  If you are using an electric vacuum coffee maker, then you simply need to turn the coffee maker on.  The process is identical.  You do not have to do anything.  This is why some people prefer the electric method over the stovetop model.

Many coffee drinkers feel that this is the most natural way to get their cup of coffee.  It is a great way to have a cup after an evening dinner party.  The guests can enjoy watching their coffee being brewed right in front of their eyes while they chit chat amongst themselves.  Children will particularly love watching coffee being brewed in this manner.  They are simply delighted when they see the vacuum take effect and watch the brewed coffee get sucked back down into the bottom pot.

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