Top 7 Best Coffee Roaster of 2021

by PickMyBrewer Team

Are you tired of drinking the store-bought roasted coffee, which lacks color and aroma? Probably, yes. Well, if you wish to enjoy an excellent aromatic cup of coffee every day like me, then start giving a thought about a coffee roaster.

The market is equipped with the best to the worst coffee roasters of all time. There are so many options that you can’t differentiate between the two. But don’t worry because we have reviewed the best coffee roasters. It’s time to find the perfect option for you. So, let’s start.

7 Best Coffee Roaster Machines

Coffee RoasterWorking ModeCapacityDimensionsAmazon Price
1. FreshRoast SR500Electrical90 g6 x 6 x 13 inchesView Price
2.Nuvo EcoManual70 g10 x 6.3 x 3 inchesView Price
3. Behmor 5400Electrical1 pound9 x 9 x 15.2 inchesView Price
4. Gene CafeElectrical230 g30.5 x 40.6 x 35.6 cmView Price
5. NescoElectrical150 g13 x 9 x 12 inchesView Price
6. Jiawanshun SCR-302Electrical750 g13.5 x 13.5 x 8 inchesView Price
7. MinxinElectrical750 g13.7 x 13.4 x 8 inchesView Price

1. FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster

Fresh Roast is working hard to improve the quality of their products. After a fantastic success of their Plus 8 coffee roaster, they brought the fantastic sR500. The FreshRoast sR500 coffee roaster is an improved version of Plus 8 and has garnered a lot of fame because of its versatility and user-friendly qualities. The machine can roast any type of coffee, especially espresso. The versatile nature makes it very attractive.

What We Like:

Honestly, the coffee roaster is quite attractive besides its appealing design. The thing that users love about this coffee roaster machine is its even-roasting.

The SR500 has three temperature settings that allow the finest roasting of coffee beans, so you can have the most aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee. The fan speed can also be decreased, to avoid them from chipping

The timing control is another amazing feature that is hard to let go of. The maximum time that can be set is 9.9 minutes, while you can add or subtract time by tapping the button.

Furthermore, you can also override the timer by simply pressing the cool button. The machine will enter the cool mode for the next 3 minutes. Since the last version Plus8 was not equipped with such features, these additions feel great. This gives greater control to the user and the time you want your coffee to be roasted.

Moreover, its live view roasting is an absolute delight. You don’t need to open the lid, again and again, to know the status of your coffee beans. The chaff collector is also placed at the top so it can be cleaned very easily. In addition to all this, the machine is super quiet and easy to use. Controlling speed, time, the temperature is super easy, making it a user-friendly appliance.

What We Dislike:

The first thing that doesn’t seem appealing is the time selection. The machine has a default time of 6 minutes and, if you wish to have a dark coffee, the beans need more roasting. Tapping the button each time only increases it by six seconds, and pressing it ten times would only add 60 more seconds. While the constant tapping makes its use a nuisance, it can also decrease the shelf life of the machine.

Moreover, the fan is not very capable of blending green beans properly. Constant manual mixing is needed to agitate the beans at the start, though you may not need to do it every time. Besides, even after 3 minutes of cooling does not cool the chaff collector properly.

  • Attractive design.
  • Three temperature settings for even roasting.
  • User-friendly controls.
  • Quiet Operation.
  • Visibility
  • Easy to clean
  • Each tap only adds 6 seconds to a time setting.
  • Unstable when heavy.
  • The fan is not very efficient.

2. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

best coffee roaster

Nuvo Eco is one of the most popular suggestions for coffee roasting beginners. Not only is it an affordable option, but also easy to use that promotes active indulgence. We love this simple and easy method of coffee roasting. The excellent heat conductivity allows even roasting in no time at all. This is a cheap alternative for the expensive home coffee roasters, although it may be a bit difficult to handle but indeed more aromatic than a coffee made otherwise.

What We Like:

There are certain things that we adore about the amazing Nuvo Eco Handy Coffee Bean Roaster. Firstly, the process is entirely under your control. You have the full authority of starting or stopping the process and choose the preferred texture and color of the beans. The 100% ceramic body allows proper conductivity of heat, so the beans are roasted evenly.

Users seem impressed with is its design. It is attractive enough for its sleek design and is an extravagant cross between a pot and pan.

In this world of technology, manual machines, like this one, aid the user in becoming active and self-sufficient. Since it is an excellent alternative for electrical coffee roasters, it can also save you the costs of electricity.

What We Dislike:

Living in this modern world, classical things always seem odd and old. In other words, some users might find it old school since it requires self roasting. While you could have spent the same time doing something more productive, you have to spend time near the roaster, operating it manually.

It is entirely hand-operated, so it requires continuous shaking and mixing. While it can prove to be a good exercise, it can also strain your muscles.

Moreover, ceramic can be very unpredictable. An accidental vigorous tap can break your coffee roaster at once. Apart from this, there is no system available for curbing the smoke. An area with proper ventilation is a foremost requirement for its use.

  • Sleek Design.
  • Excellent heat conduction for even roasting.
  • Promotes self-sufficiency and activeness.
  • Economical coffee roasting device.
  • A hole at the top to hear cracking.
  • Requires a ventilated room.
  • Ceramic is unreliable. It can break due to vigorous tapping/collisions.
  • Poor visibility.
  • Less output.
  • Not time-efficient.

3. Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster

Behmor 5400 is one of those gadgets which fits perfectly with your array of kitchen appliances. The most amazing thing is its large roasting capacity and can roast up to 1 pound of coffee beans at a time. This is the largest capacity available among all coffee roasters. This may be advantageous at commercial offices but not at home. You would prefer a fresh cup of roasted coffee rather than a two-week-old coffee roast.

What We Like:

This coffee roaster also features five customizable settings to control the roast on the beans. Thanks to the thermostatically controlled quartz and variable speed that the beans are roasted evenly with the utmost perfection.

In addition to all this, the roaster has a detachable chaff separator and chaff tray for easy cleanup. Though it is equipped with a smoke suppression feature, the manufacturers still advise to use it in an area with proper ventilation.

What We Dislike:

There are a few things about Behmor 5400 that users don’t find very appealing. Firstly, the coffee roaster is not compatible with all sorts of coffee beans. It cannot roast beans like French, Vienna, Italian, or any other darker beans.

Another thing about this coffee roaster is its size. The Behmor 5400 has a considerably large scale when compared with its other commonly available substitutes. For accommodating the appliance, you need a ventilated area along with a pretty ample space -equal to a microwave oven.

Although the machine is equipped with a lighted interior, the display is pretty vague, whether used in the day time or a shaded area. The display is very hard to see even with any filters. The door needs to be opened briefly to have a look at the roast color.

Moreover, like ovens, Behmor Coffee roaster requires pre-heating. It is a considerable design flaw as you will probably end up burning your hand against the hot metal of the drum. Another significant defect is that with every use, a small number of coffee beans get stuck in the area around the drum and its metal frame. The beans then don’t come out easily and have to be pried.

  • Greater output so best for use at commercial places.
  • Five customizable settings for achieving different roast colors.
  • Even roast on all the beans.
  • Easy cleanup.
  • Good price.
  • Requires pre-heating.
  • It needs a vast space with proper ventilation.
  • Illumination is feeble.
  • Not compatible with all sorts of coffee beans.
  • Chaff collector challenging to align.

4. Gene Cafe CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster

Gene Cafe Roaster has been working in the market for a while, and their products are known for their fantastic quality. Their CBR-101 is solid proof of their quality. This is one of the most productive coffee roasters available in the market and the most efficient one on our list. The heavy-duty beast is capable of roasting about 250 grams of coffee beans in just 15 minutes. The machine can roast up to ½ pound of coffee beans per batch. But the great thing is that its output per unit time is excellent that balances the total yield.

What We Like:

It turns out, Gene Cafe CBR-101 is a pretty good coffee roaster machine. The unique off-axis rotation roasts coffee beans uniformly from all sides. In addition to this, the roasting chamber has a transparent view that aids in avoiding underdone or overdone roasts.

Moreover, knobs make it easier to control the time and temperature for the desired roast. You can also start the cooling mode at any instant, so the beans are not burnt. Another fantastic feature is that this coffee roaster is super quiet. Also, its smoke suppression feature is efficient and quite easy to use- by just adjusting the vent hood.

The machine is quite easy to control and operate. The design is user-friendly and very portable. Since it weighs only 10 pounds, it is pretty easy to handle and transport. It also includes many safety features -that are usually absent in many coffee roasters- like, auto shutdown, overheat sensors, and safety covers.

What We Dislike:

There aren’t any considerable flaws in this product apart from the price. The product may be equipped with the best features, but all that is available at a specific cost. It is one of those products that don’t have a pocket-friendly price. Apart from that, the cooling cycle is also a bit longer than usual.

  • Higher yield per unit time.
  • Easy to operate with full control over temperature and time.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Compact and Portable.
  • Smoke suppressor works nicely.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Not available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • The cooling cycle is a bit long.

5. Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster CR-1010-PRR

best coffee roaster

Nesco has been working in the market for more than a decade. They are one of the leading brands that produce exceptional roasting ovens. Their Coffee Bean Roaster CR-1010-PRR does not say otherwise.

What We Like:

This premium looking coffee roasting can yield an aromatic, perfectly roasted coffee beans under twenty minutes. It can roast up to ⅓ lbs of coffee per batch. An ideal option for people who prefer home-roasted coffee daily.

The patented catalytic technology is a highlighting feature, that is used to control the smoke and odor while the appliance works. The powerful engine combines the warm air with the vortex twisters to produce uniformly roasted beans.

The machine is relatively compact and very functional. You can easily control the time while also change to the serene mood at any instant. The machine operates quietly, and so is not a nuisance for the ears. Moreover, cleaning is just a five-finger thing.

What We Dislike:

Overall, the design and functionality are appealing except for the fact that the machine does not give you control over the temperature. The Nesco Home Coffee Roaster only has a start, fresh, and time control. This means you need to keep an eye on the color of the roast, so you don’t accidentally overdo your coffee beans.

  • Easy to operate.
  • It is equipped with smoke and odor controller.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Even roasted beans.
  • It does not offer precise control over the roasting.
  • The cooling process can take up to 5 minutes or more.

6. SCR-302 Household Coffee Roaster Machine

best coffee roaster

Jiawanshun is working for the past two years to produce fantastic hand tools like wrenches and ratchets as well as heavy-duty appliances like a waffle maker, coffee roaster and home processors. Their coffee roaster is an excellent example of the fantastic quality and finesse available at an economical price.

What We Like:

This crockpot shaped coffee roaster has a pretty simple operation. It only requires you to put beans inside and set the temperature. The rest is on the machine. The feature that makes you strike an eyebrow is its versatility. The roaster is not only limited to coffee beans but can also be used for beans, popcorn, peanuts, and dry fruits.

The amazing roaster can accommodate up to 700 grams of beans at a time and has a broad temperature range to achieve the desired roast, effortlessly. The automatic constant temperature and rotating lever helps in evening out the heat and ensures uniformity in color. The machine has a transparent lid, so you can easily view the situation inside and press the cool button at any instant.

Furthermore, the appliance has a non-stick chassis to ensure no bits are left stuck at the bottom. While cleaning the machine, this proves to be helpful and is also a reason behind the easy cleanup.

What We Dislike:

The features and design are quite appealing except that the machine radiates a significant amount of heat. It should be used near a venting hood and, the user is advised to maintain a distance and not open the lid until everything is cooled.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Transparent lid for viewing.
  • Versatile
  • Large temperature range.
  • Large output capacity.
  • Available at an economical price.
  • Radiates a lot of heat.

7. Home Coffee Beans Baker

best coffee roaster

Home Coffee Beans Baker by Mifxin, is another fantastic coffee roaster that delivers excellent functionality coupled with versatility. Mixin is one of those companies that have earned a name for themselves, through consistent hard work and quality deliverance.

What We Like:

This rice cooker shaped coffee bean baker can do much more than just roast coffee. Like the Jiawanshun coffee roaster, this one also exhibits a very versatile nature. The appliance is useful for roasting nuts, popcorn kernels, glutinous rice, and much more.

The amazing machine can accommodate up to 750 grams of beans per batch. The appliance has a wide range of adjustable temperature control that makes sure the beans are roasted perfectly. The rotator, along with the automatic temperature control feature, ensures that the heat spreads out evenly and, no bean is left unattended.

The appliance has a non-stick inner surface so, the oils produced during roasting do not make cleaning a nuisance. The transparent lid offers a significant amount of visibility so you can keep an eye on the beans.

What We Dislike:

The features are quite impressive, except for a few things. Firstly, the machine has no time controls. This means that the user should be attentive and take care of the roast color themselves subsequently, increasing the dependability on the user.

Moreover, the machine has no odor or smoke suppression features and also emits a lot of heat. It needs to be used in a well-ventilated area, and the user is advised to avoid unnecessary interactions with the appliance until required.

  • Huge Capacity
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wide temperature range
  • Automatic thermostat control.
  • Transparent lid for visibility.
  • It can be used for other food items.
  • No Time control.
  • No smoke suppressor

Coffee Roaster Machine- Buying Guide

Coffee Roasters are of different types hence have different working techniques. The common thing is that they all combine hot air with the vortex movement of coffee beans. This transfers the heat accurately and produces an even roast on all the beans. They are then cooled in a process known as quenching.

Now, let’s learn about the factors that must be kept in mind when buying a coffee roaster:

People these days don’t have time to learn complicated processes. That is why you need to decide whether you want the coffee to wait for you in the morning or the process of coffee brewing is something that you find exciting. If you would like to wake up to a cup of coffee ready for you, then look for a programmable coffee maker. For the latter option, you can look for less automated coffee makers. These machines might require a little more attention, but with the push of a few buttons, you would have a cup of coffee ready in no time.

Working Mode

Markets have a diverse range of coffee roasters; some can be used manually while others are capable of working electrically. Your choice depends on your type of use. If you prefer self-sufficiency over the dependency on machines, then manual machines are best for you. While the electric ones are great at saving time and do not require constant attention. Manuals coffee roasters are also cheaper than electric ones.


This is an essential factor and depends entirely on the mode of your use. For use in business and commercial areas, roasters with a larger capacity are favorable while it is opposite for typical households. There is no limitation about the capacity, but it is advantageous for cutting down the costs of electricity and gas.


If you are using an electric coffee roaster, then it is essential to consider the control appliance is giving you over the roasting process. Most machines are only equipped with preset buttons, while others have diverse controlling options like temperature ranges. Devices that offer more control are better at achieving the desired roast perfectly.

Output Time

It is a significant feature to consider while buying a good coffee roaster. The appliance should be time efficient and should produce more output per unit time. This is necessary as this either adds or subtracts digits from your monthly gas/electricity bill. You can check this in the feature list of the machine.

Safety Features

This is an essential factor. Not all manufacturers take care of adding safety features while designing the product. A machine like a coffee roaster requires the addition of indicators that inform the overheating of the machine or automatically shuts it down somewhat tire the motor. These features greatly enhance the shelf life of appliance and lets you have an excellent value for your money.

You can visit and read great reviews of the best coffee makers on Pickmybrewer.

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