3 Tips on mall coffee kiosk design

by PickMyBrewer Team

3 Tips on mall coffee kiosk design

Coffee kiosk color matching skills with mall kiosk design experience, So coffee kiosk color is an important form of the coffee shop. Within A specific color on how to design a coffee bar, Our talented kiosk designer have some suggestions, let’s see it in detail below.

The reason why the color allocation of coffee kiosk is important is that through the ingenious arrangement of color, it can promote customer’s desire to buy goods. Therefore, how to match the use of color in order to make the target group produce corresponding associations and feelings? How to design a nice and user-friendly coffee kiosk? Here below are 3 tips on mall coffee kiosk design.

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1. Primitive Colour Matching

The matching method of original color collocation is mainly to pursue a color effect by emphasizing the contrast and coordination between primary colors. Colour collocation is usually used separately. Generally, a single color with high purity is directly used for collocation. For example, blue, green and red are matched with black, white and grey. Whichever pure color is used, it is easier to form harmony with black, white and grey. The use of primary colors is characterized by strong sense of weight, prominent and eye-catching, and high saturation. The disadvantage is that if used carelessly or improperly, inconsistency will occur.

2. Matching with the same color

Using the same color matching method is a set of colors by adding black or white, and then make the original set of colors darker or lighter. The main feature of color matching of the same kind is that the result of color matching gives people a feeling of softness. The word coordination does not describe this method of color matching, but it is suitable.

3. Neighboring Colour Matching

The process of using adjacent color matching is to use similar colors on the color ring to be adjacent to each other, such as orange and red, blue and green. The adjacent color collocation emphasizes a kind of coordination and change in the color transition, and the number of collocated colors is quite abundant. The adjacent color matching method is flexible. It can be combined by two or three prizes. It can be in the form of multiple sets of rainbow colors, with clear boundaries, or with blurred boundaries. Generally, there are few restrictions. The main feature is that the collocation forms are rich and varied, and it is easy to form color coordination.

Through the above three points, the small edition of coffee kiosk factory gives two suggestions to consumers:

Suggestions 1

Reasonable use of the color of the mallkiosk in the store, user-friendlynew understanding of the overall kiosk and the store, to create a reasonable shopping environment. In the decoration of the kiosk and the overall color of the storefront, the main color system of the background wall must be complemented by the shape and color of the coffee kiosk in the stores. Otherwise, there will be a very mismatched combination, which will affect the aesthetic and purchasing desire of customers.

Suggestions 2

The key factor of forming color effect is the blending of commodity color and wall color and the color of coffee kiosk manufacturer in shopping malls. For example, the wall with yellow background, when displaying yellow goods of the same color system, not only looks strange, but also easily loses the value of the goods. It can be seen that if the contrasting colors of the opposite color systems are displayed, such as black and white goods, the colors will be more distinct, and the user-friendly colors must be used. Shop color can not only improve the purchasing power of customers, but also improve the level of goods.

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