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tassimo coffee maker

The Tassimo Coffee Maker is the perfect solution when it comes to producing fresh hot coffee just the way you like it with the touch of a button. It’s truly a brewing system unlike any other on the market. Like so many other appliances in our lives today this Coffee Maker is an intelligent machine. They have taken coffee making and broken it down to computer science designed to give you, the coffee drinker, the ideal taste/flavour/strength with minimal effort and virtually no cleanup.

Anybody who has been drinking coffee for some time knows the hassle of using one of those cheap $20 dollar coffee makers. Everything from putting the filters into measuring the ground and water. Then waiting for the pot to fill completely because if you pull it out coffee will go everywhere. Then once it’s finished you have to clean the pet and dispose of the filters. The whole process is really a hassle especially just for a cup of coffee. What we really want is a coffee house quality cup made fresh with a click of a button so we can quickly and easily get our day started with no fuss. Well, the Tassimo Coffee Maker Delivers that and much more.


tassimo coffee maker


The Tassimo Coffee Maker uses T-disc technology to brew the coffee. No more filters and grounds to deal with. Each T-disc contains a specific flavour and is concentrated with a mixture of concentrated milk, creamer, chocolate and coffee. The coffee is brewed from within the T-disc and pours directly into the cup. The T-discs are specific to Tassimo Coffee Makers and currently, there are 12 brands of coffee including the Starbucks Coffee house brand. In addition, the Tassimo Coffee Maker uses bar code technology to detect the brewing instructions for each T-disc. You simply scan the bar code of your T-disc with the coffee maker and it automatically uploads the brewing instructions such as water temperature, brewing time and amount of water needed. Amazing!

The great thing about this is you can make multiple types of coffee without getting different flavours mixed up. If you want to drink one kind of coffee and your spouse drinks another than making two kinds is as simple as switching out the T-discs. In the past where you might have to make two different pots of coffee and taken nearly 20 minutes, you can make the same two cups in two minutes with Tassimo. It brews each cup in under a minute!

Overall the Tassimo coffee maker is the future of home brewing. It’s intelligent, extremely user-friendly and eco-friendly. If you are looking for one of the best coffee makers on the market then look no further than the Tassimo Coffee Maker.

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