One Cup Coffee Makers The Facts

by PickMyBrewer Team
one cup coffee makers reviewed

Are you looking for a high quality one cup coffee maker for your home, or even your office? There are lots of choices for you to pour over when it comes to 1 cup coffee makers, and you’re ensured of being able to find something within your budget and means.

One Cup Coffee Makers

There are some very popular and cheap models, including ones that can produce coffee on the go. There is also a wide range of pod coffee makers who meet almost anybody’s needs. Here are some of the most well-liked and popular one cup coffee makers available today.

I’ll start with Keurig coffee makers since honestly, they are a personal favorite of mine, and everyone that tries them ends of loving them. Keurig produces pod coffee makers and has partnerships with many top coffee providers so you’re sure to get a flavor and taste that you prefer.

Keurig one cup coffee makers start at approximately $70 and extend upwards to $250. The differences between the models focus on design, size, water reservoir, and the size choices (in ounces) for the coffee you make. All are extremely easy to use and clean. Go here for a full explanation of the different Keurig coffee makers.

Sticking with the pod coffee makers, the other mainstay in that category is Tassimo. There are Bosch Tassimo single-serving coffee makers and there are Braun Tassimo single-serving coffee makers. Tassimo is also rated highly amongst consumers, and people often debate between Tassimo and Keurig.

Keurig has a wider selection of coffee brands, but Tassimo wins some people over by having a deal with Starbucks coffee. Two popular Tassimo coffee makers are the Braun Tassimo TA 1400 and the Braun Tassimo TA 1200. Read this article for more information on Tassimo coffee makers.  Black decker is also one of the best one cup coffee makers.

If you’re always on the go and you’re in need of a one cup coffee maker I would suggest the Brookstone Stainless Steel Single Cup, Coffee Maker. It features an entirely stainless steel design that comes equipped with a stainless steel travel mug. In just a few short minutes you can brew up a fresh cup straight into your travel mug and take it with you. This model is also cheap at roughly $40.

Even cheaper are a few models from Black & Decker. The Brew N’Go is less stylish than the Brookstone but has all of the same features and functionality, brewing directly into an included travel mug. The Cup-At-A-Time coffeemaker is basically the stay at home version without a travel mug. Neither of these will cost more than $20 or $25.

Of course, if you like to be hands-on with your coffee, you could also choose to purchase a coffee press. There are many available brands and styles, all of which are affordable and easy to use.

Which Coffee Machine Is Right For You?

Finding that perfect 1 cup coffee maker is dependent on your budget and the features you are looking for. If you’re the only coffee drinker that needs to use the machine and you’re trying to save money, I’d go with one of the Black & Decker Cup-At-A-time. If you needed to take your coffee on the run, my model of choice would be the Brookstone.

On the other hand, if the one cup coffee maker you are purchasing is for an office setting or for a home with multiple coffee drinkers, the functionality and easy use of a Keurig coffee maker would be my choice. The B30 Mini Brewer starts at about $70 and is absolutely top of the line. People can pick any type of coffee they want and instantly brew a cup without any annoying hassle or clean up associated with coffee grounds.

Hopefully, this quick overview helped you narrow down your choice between all of the available 1 cup coffee makers, drink up.

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