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one cup coffee maker

Why you should buy a one cup coffee maker if you are a coffee drinker.

Before you could have a one cup coffee maker in your home, you had to leave your house in order to get a great cup of coffee as you could only make a cup of coffee from instant coffee. These days are now long gone and we have the luxury of having our own one cup coffee maker in our home. We now have the luxury of being able to make whatever type of coffee we like, be it cappuccino, espresso or whatever type of coffee you like, we now can have a cup of coffee in our house that is cafe quality. Some people are put off by the price of coffee makers, but when you weigh things up, such as buying coffee from a cafe, you will see the benefit of owning your own. If you look at it one a yearly basis, you may be surprised to see how much it costs to buy your coffee fix from a cafe.

The History of the One Cup  Maker

Many people who are coffee drinkers would not be aware that the one cup coffee maker we know was invented by the French and has be around since about 1800. The original coffee maker seemed to work by magic, as the coffee grains would be put in one compartment and then the cold water in another, and then after boiling minutes later, the coffee would be brewed. This process was very similar to the pumping percolation process as we know it. The way in which these works is the boiling water percolates in a one cup coffee maker which is filled with ground coffee. This coffee maker captures the full flavour of the coffee before being poured into your cup.

The French Press is another type of coffee maker that is easy to use and is most often made from a glass or plastic cylinder. This one cup coffee maker has a metal plunger attached to a lid with wire mesh. This kind of one cup coffee maker is simple to use, with the only difference being that it requires a more coarse type of coffee to prevent your cup from ending up full of coffee grounds. A one cup coffee maker of this type is very portable and as such, it is popular with people who travel a lot and don’t like to go without a great cup of coffee.

At the other end of the coffee maker scale are the espresso machines, and these are much more expensive, but the beauty of these is they can whip you up a cup of cappuccino with a nice froth or maybe a nice Latte.

The good thing about coffee machines is that they eliminate all the tedious boiling of water, testing to see if the taste of the coffee is just right before you drink it. With one cup coffee makers, you just put all of the separate ingredients into one appliance and a few minutes later, you not only have a steaming cup of coffee ready with no extra work (or pans to wash) and your kitchen is filled with the wonderful aroma of coffee.

On the other hand, coffee makers do tend to be rather expensive, and if you’re not the kind who needs coffee but also doesn’t have much time to spend waiting for water to boil on the stove, then you might not want to invest in one. Overall though, coffee makers seem to make life easier for those of us that swear by the invigorating properties of caffeine, and since there’s a lot of us, the  coffee maker seems destined to stay, and increasingly find a space in all of our kitchens.

If you start looking to buy a one cup coffee maker you will be surprised at just how many there are on the market. Yes, brewing coffee in your own home is really becoming more and more popular these days.

Some popular brands are Keurig, who have a one cup coffee maker in their model Keurig B145 Office Pro K-Cup Brewer, which they say was developed by single people or who were the only coffee drinkers in the house.

The Tassimo Coffee Maker or the Braun Tassimo TA 1200 Hot Beverage System is not just a coffee maker, as it can also be used to brew hot chocolate or tea. But it is designed to brew the Tassimo T-Discs for a great cup of coffee.

If you would like a coffee maker that prepares espresso, latte, macchiato, lungo, or cappuccino then you may be interested in a Delonghi Coffee Maker such as the DeLonghi EN680.M Nespresso Lattissima Espresso Maker. It can brew all the above kinds of coffee for your pleasure.

We will have some more information on other pages on this website that will be dedicated to different one cup coffee maker brands. We will look at drip coffee makers, the Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Bunn Coffee Makers, Tassimo Coffee Maker, Delonghi Coffee Maker, Braun Coffee Maker, Single Cup Coffee Maker, the Cappuccino Machine, Keurig Coffee Makers and Coffee Grinders. We hope that the information we have provided here will be a great guide in your quest for the one cup coffee maker that best suits your needs and budget.

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