Nespresso Pixie Review For Buyers

by PickMyBrewer Team

Nespresso Pixie Review

Drinking good coffee each morning might seem like something easy, but after a while, you really start to value your mornings and thus, the quality of your morning coffee. If you are one of those people who is searching for a good cup of coffee in the morning to wake them up, you should definitely put this Nespresso machine on your short-list. Read complete Nespresso Pixie Review for those who want to buy.

Our Nespresso Pixie review will unravel the secrets and wonders of this amazing brewer. So, keep on reading to find out if this magical coffee maker will do the trick for your needs.

Specifications of the Nespresso Pixie coffee brewer

Whenever you talk about good machines, you should talk about numbers too. This 19-bar pump pressure machine has a lot to offer to you. For instance, it is very fast and it can brew coffee in about 25 seconds. However, there are a lot of other things that you should take into consideration. Namely, the Pixie machine is very programmable. Basically, this is what makes it user-friendly too. It has one-touch buttons with which you can choose from different types of coffee.

If this hasn’t amazed you, we have some other good news. This small but powerful machine is also energy efficient. it is classified as an energy-consuming machine, which means that it uses 40% less than other machines. The best thing about this is the fact that it saves you money in the long run. Coming in small dimensions of 4.4 x 12.8 x 9.3, you’d be surprised by how much joy this machine can bring you.

General information about the Nespresso Pixie coffee maker

Asides from being compact and easy-to-fit-anywhere, the Nespresso has a lot of benefits to offer to coffee lovers. For instance, its spacious 0,7 L water tank is more than enough for many brews of espresso, and it ensures that you save energy and time in the long run. Additionally, it is very stylish and light at 6.6 lbs. This means that you can practically put it anywhere. It comes in a variety of colors. So, you can customize it according to your aesthetic needs. This 1160-watt coffee maker is excellent for brewing coffee in the morning for those who are sleepy and have a hard time waking up. Asides from offering fast performance, it is also great for those who are forgetful. The Pixie has the ability to shut off its power after 9 minutes of inactivity.

Again, this means that you are saving energy without moving a finger. Beyond this, you are also saving money and time too. It has a very helpful power-save mode, which does what it says, it saves the energy and you will notice this on the first electric bill after your purchase. Also, it saves you energy because it has a lot of capacity for the used capsules. The dispenser of capsules saves them and they are kept there safely without making an emission of smell.

Still, this doesn’t affect the quality of the coffee you will be drinking. As the Pixie is one of the best brewers in the world, you’d expect to have the best coffee, and you won’t be disappointed. It offers a taste of coffee like the truest coffee lovers would imagine. In addition to this, it extracts the best and richest aroma of the coffee.


We are 100% sure that nobody can be displeased by this amazing coffee maker. After all, our Nespresso Pixie review just states what everyone who has this brewer already knows. This professional-level brewer is both eco and budget-friendly, and it is an excellent addition to the kitchens of the truest coffee lovers in the world.

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