Nescafe 15 Bar Dulce gusto KP210040 Coffee machine

by PickMyBrewer Team

The Nescafe dolce gusto coffee machine is a stylish coffee maker. It has a variety of coffees that it can make, from American style to cafe latte. There are currently 18 varieties of coffee capsules made by Nescafe. The Dolce Gusto delivers very high-quality coffee. It can create multi-layered coffee so has a huge choice of blends. Whether you fancy a shot of espresso, or a smooth cappuccino or even a multi-layered latte macchiato, the dulce gusto delivers.

Nescafe and Krups have combined forces and created a high quality, technically excellent coffee machine. It’s quick and easy to use and will fit well in any kitchen as its very compact. It comes in a variety of colours, looks modern, sleek and funky so a top accessory for any kitchen.

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The technical precision of the Nescafe dolce gusto is of a very high specification, it has a high pressure 15 bar pump, which means it can create coffees as good as some of the top professional machines. Its simplicity means its quick and easy to use, all you need to do is grab your Nescafe dolce gusto pod of choice, lift up the handle, pop in the pod, close the handle. Hit the button and you are off. It will create a great tasting coffee in no time at all. You can even choose how strong or you would like the coffee to be.

All models come with the following features :

High pressure 15 bar pump, enabling the production of a high-quality coffee.

Huge variety of drinks, Expresso, cappuccino, Latte to name a few.

Easy and quick to use

Modern and Stylish

Large Drip tray

Water tank, with built-in transparent handle

Customer reviews

In general customer reviews have all been very good. Below are some of the reviews I have gathered.

Once customer commented on how he had owned several other coffee machines and felt this was one of the best and rated it very highly, stating it was very easy to use, easy to clean and the coffee tasted great.

One reviewer mentioned that it can be a bit noisy, however, stated that it was not an issue as it made stunning coffee.

One person said it was even as good as star bucks!!.

Another person commented on how quick it was which was great in the morning just before heading out to the office.

A reviewer commented on how the cost of the pods have gone down over the years and are now readily available in most supermarkets.

In general, everyone loved the variety of coffees and that is one of the unique features, with Dolce gusto continually updating their range covering a host of coffees and hot chocolates.

Overall if you are wanting a coffee machine that can make a really lovely tasting cup of coffee I would only recommend this. If you want a machine that’s versatile, quick and has variety again I would recommend this. It has lasted me well and I can guarantee if you get it you will be sipping new coffee and feeling like your own satisfactory Starbucks!

Our Final Conclusion

This is a great coffee maker, extremely versatile with so many different types of coffee that can be made.  The quality of the coffee is superb and its really quick, which is great in the morning when you are in a rush to get ready for work.  The Nescafe capsules are great and there are so many ranges to choose.  All in all a feature-packed coffee maker which is the ultimate appliance for any modern kitchen.

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