Light Roast Vs Dark Roast Coffee – What Is The Difference?

by PickMyBrewer Team

If you are struggling to choose between Light Roast vs Dark Roast Coffee, read this article to find out more.

So what is the difference between  Light Roast vs Dark Roast Coffee?

Many coffee drinkers are confused about the differences between light roast vs dark roast Coffee. They’re unclear as to which they prefer. One of the reasons why is that there is so much information overload out there. So many varieties, such as French Roast, French Roast Vienna, Sourcing, Sub-Blend, Dunkers, Latte, Roast, Espresso, etc.

What really matters is not which type of roast you prefer but the effects of these two types of roasts have on your body. Which can provide more benefits than the other? Here’s a rundown of how each effect can benefit you.

Light Roast: For someone who likes a light tasting coffee, the Light Roast is a good choice. This has less caffeine and less body. For the person who wants a strong and full-bodied taste, the Dark Roast is their cup of tea. Both tastes can be found in this type of coffee. One major advantage is that the Light Roast makes a slightly sweeter coffee, which helps with digestion.

Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so the differences are largely determined by the different reasons for choosing them. But generally speaking, the differences in the effects of Light and Dark Roast Coffee is more dramatic. One main reason to choose the Light Roast is that it tends to be the lowest in caffeine. It also has less in terms of natural oils and bitter, fruity flavors. But the big difference here is the level of aroma that the Light Roast has, which gives it a milder and mellower flavor.

More Differences With Light Roast vs Dark Roast

Another difference between Light and Dark Roast is the level of body and texture. A lighter roasted coffee will always have a milder and softer body. Whereas Dark Roast Coffee tends to have a higher body and the body tends to be more intense, the Dark Roast has stronger acidity and more aroma.

This is very true of Colombian and Arabica coffees. The two types of Arabica coffee have different levels of aroma and taste and therefore will not mix well. The Colombian and the South American coffees will give you a nice body with more aromatic qualities.

For those with an allergy to coffee, it is best to stick with the Light Roast Coffee. However, for those who like the coffee flavors to linger longer, the Dark Roast is the way to go. This is because it is darker in color, giving the coffee’s more robust and distinctive flavors. Overall, both varieties of roast do well for any coffee lover.

Like I mentioned earlier, the disadvantages of Dark Roast are mostly in the bitter and fruity flavors. This can be avoided by using a hot water extraction process. Some prefer the steaming process, although both can be done.

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The reason behind this is that boiling the water extraction produces a concentrated flavor that is easy to control. Steaming, on the other hand, allows the flavor to be more of a natural coffee flavour rather than concentrated. Of course, this is for those that are fine with the darker-colored coffees, since they can live with the taste.

Light Roast vs Dark Roast Coffee

Pros and Cons

Pros are obvious. Dark Roast gives you a stronger body, whereas Light Roast gives you a milder and fuller taste. Dark Roast also has a higher caffeine content, which gives you an energy boost after a hard day at work.Cons are less obvious. Dark Roast tends to be harder to brew with, especially when you use a French Press. Also, the French Press has to be done with the ground grounds, while the drip method of brewing will get rid of some of the bitterness that Light Roast has.All in all, these differences can be deceiving. Personally, I prefer the taste of Dark Roast coffee, simply because it gives me a stronger, fuller-bodied coffee. and to give my body a boost after working out.

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