Krups KM7000 Drip Coffee Maker Review

by PickMyBrewer Team

Give yourself a complete ground control. Coffee is just better when it’s done from scratch and this grinder and brewer that offers all the settings for a special cup of coffee. Just grind your favourite coffee beans then brew at any of the three coffee flavour strength that you like best with Krups KM7000 Drip Coffee Maker.

Krups KM7000 has mastered the essential components of the ideal cup with the latest KM7000 Grinder-Brewer. Built into this 10-cup coffee maker is a cone-shaped burr grinder that automatically grinds coffee to match the number of cups and strength chosen. The unit gives five levels of grind and three settings for coffee strength together with digital settings to regulate coffee to water ratio. Easy to operate and it features digital controls and backlit LCD with programmable timer and a clock.

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The Features:

Krups KM7000 grind and brew’s features are listed below.

  • Grind and brew the freshest coffee with this device.
  • Automatic cone-shaped burr grinder with five grind settings.
  • 3 settings of coffee strength.
  • Grinds coffee to match a number of cups.
  • 2 to 4-cup aroma function for brewing smaller quantity.
  • 2 to 10-cup digital settings that regulate the coffee to water ratio.
  • Back-lit LCD clock with a programmable timer.
  • Brew and pause functions with anti-drip valve.
  • Carbon water filter.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • 10-cup glass carafe

This KRUPS KM7000 coffee maker is for:

  1. People who love to drink coffee but do not have enough time to attend to it.
  2. People who prefer to drink coffee from fresh grounds of coffee beans.



The Good
  • Produces an awesome cup of coffee.
  • Consider using a long-lasting filter as a substitute for those cheap paper filters.
  • The machine is absolutely well-built, totally solid.
  • Nothing needs to be assembled, works right out of the box.
  • The brewing process is very silent. Has a nice modern look.
The Bad
  • It is slightly bigger than you might think.
  • The clock uses and displays only in 24 hour time only; instead of 2:30 PM, 14:30 is displayed.
  • Requires a little maintenance and cleaning.

Various testimonies have been gathered to prove how helpful the product was for them. Below is another proof coming from a Krups km7000 drip coffee maker user:


Apparently, I already have 3 brew and grind coffee makers namely, Cusinarts, Melittas and this one. So far, KM7000 is the easiest to clean and has the ability to solve the conflict with this kind of appliance. The thing that I love most about KM7000 is that by just removing the filter basket, remove the filter, wash and you are ready to have another round of coffee again. The only problem that I had with KM7000 is that when the a part of it popped off and lost so I have to call them and ask for a part replacement. Their customer service are very good to customers and that’s what made me contented of their solution. They were able to solve the problem with regards to my concern. The flexible brewing and grind controls that this KM7000 have won’t make you long for another brewing appliance.

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