Keurig K475 Review

Keurig is a renowned brand and has an impeccable reputation throughout the world. So, how do you know which model is the one for you? We cherry-picked some of the best Keurig models and wrote reviews like this one, the Keurig K475 review.

In this article, we’ll go over what seems to be the perfect choice for a lot of perfectionist coffee lovers. The reason behind this is the fact that it brews coffee in a very fast manner which is a very important issue. In addition, it is easy to operate and brings other benefits to the table too. So, keep on reading out Keurig K475 review to see if this brewer suits your needs.

General information about the Keurig K475

The first thing that we have to mention is that K475 is very adaptable. This is excellent if you are a fussy coffee drinker. Also, it is great if the people in your household have different tastes. Additionally, the best thing about it is probably the large options of brew sizes. Namely, there are five brew sizes to make a cup of coffee with K-cup pods. Specifically, you get 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-ounce sizes. Also, you can choose the strength of your coffee. For the beginner baristas and coffee lovers, this means that you can choose any size of cup and make it strong using a button and your finger.

Keurig K475 Review

We have more good news to share with you. The K475 brews K-Mug pods. This ensures that you have the choice of 12 and 16-ounce mugs. An extra thing to have into consideration is the drip tray. Namely, it is super-easy to remove it. This also means that you can easily fit a travel mug under the spout if you need to. If you often have guests or if your whole family drinks coffee, you have an option of purchasing a Keurig carafe too as well as K-Carafe pods. This separate purchase will save you time if you live in such a household.

Most important features of the Keurig K475

One of the best things about K475 is the hot water on-demand option. Namely, if you need to get a cup of tea, just open and close the brewer handle and don’t place a pod in the brewer. That’s all. You can even choose the temperature of the beverage you will be drinking. For instance, the K475 can offer you temperature settings. This gives you the amazing option of choosing different temperatures for your drinks. If you are in a hurry, you don’t want a boiling coffee, do you?

Additionally, the K475 has a large (2 ½ inch) coloured touch screen. This screen also has a digital clock. If you want to, you have the option of programming it to turn on at a certain time. This basically means that if you don’t want to wait for it to get warm in the morning, you simply press a button. The same way goes for saving power for the times when you are at work or not at home.

Keurig K475 features

Lastly, we should mention the experience of brewing coffee on the Keurig K475. Namely, the brewer brews a cup of coffee in less than a minute! If you turn the timer to warm up your brewer when you wake up, you’ll get coffee in the first minute after you wake up. Amazing, right? In addition to all this, the K475 features a big, 70-ounce water reservoir. The tank surely saves you time because you can make 8 or more cups before having to refill it. More importantly, you can easily remove it, and refill it when you need to.


The Keurig K475 is the best brewer for those who like gadgets and the smart way of living a life. This brewer has so much to offer, and it is a unit that will never fail you.

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