Keurig K200 Review

by PickMyBrewer Team

If you think that minimalistic designs with small kitchen appliances are your thing – this Keurig K200 review is what you should be reading. After all, we’ll be talking about one of the smallest coffee makers Keurig has ever placed on the market.

So, if you have an office, a dorm room, a workshop, or a tiny kitchen, the K200 will fit perfectly there. It is very slim and it is almost unnoticeable. However, it can do a lot of things, regardless of its size. It brews standards K-Cups and it offers a very rich and distinguished taste of coffee for true coffee lovers.

So, if you enjoy drinking coffee, tea and hot cocoa, here is what you should know from the Keurig K200 review:

General information about the Keurig K200

As we said before, the K200 has many options and opens the door towards new beverage possibilities you thought didn’t exist. This small yet highly functional unit is excellent for anyone who truly appreciates the good taste of the coffee. It extracts the aroma perfectly, and you know you’ll wake up to the smell of a high-quality cup of coffee. It is also excellent for students because it is very fast – and students value time like no one else.

Keurig K200 Review

In addition to this, the Keurig is extremely robust considering its price. It is basically a deal that no one should avoid, especially if they are coffee addicts. Recommending the K200 is very easy as this is one of the best single-serve coffee makers on the market nowadays.

From the moment you lay an eye on the K200, you’ll notice the large 2-inch touchscreen display. This display is the key to the convenience of this brewer. You can use it to choose the size of your beverage as well as the type of brew you expect. In addition to this, the screen we mentioned features a button you can use to increase the strength of your drink. For instance, when this button is pressed, the coffee will be stronger and will have a richer aroma too. It is perfect for the mornings. On the other hand, if you want a mid-day cup of coffee, the regular setting will be just fine for you.

Most important features of the Keurig K200

The first thing that kept us surprised at the beginning of the Keurig K200 review is the incredibly compact size. This brewer makes up only 9” by 15” on a counter and it is only 14” high. It is very accessible and yet, it takes so little space, like a toy for children.

Regardless of this, its functionality is definitely Keurig-grade. It has the removable water reservoir as you would expect in a Keurig brewer. The best part about this is that the water tank has a tremendous capacity of 40 ounces. This will surely get you around 5 cups without filling it up again. Moreover, the smart function on the water tank tells you when your water level is too low. So, you will always be safe and never run the machine dry. Again, this is a feature that also improves the durability of your brewer. Lastly, the brewer can also be configured to give you a notification when it is time to change the water filter. Namely, you can configure it by using the user-friendly touchscreen display. This is another way of saying, you’ll be drinking high-quality coffee from clean and freshwater, each morning.


As an overall of our Keurig K200 review, we’d conclude that if you want to make a worthy investment in better coffee, this is the machine to do so. It is perfect for those who prefer having single-serving coffee makers which are also compact. Being smaller in size, this unit is also much easier to clean. So, if you want to have better mornings, don’t hesitate to put this brewer in your shopping cart. Visit more Reviews on our website.

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