Keurig K15 Review

by PickMyBrewer Team

Are you one of those people who prefer single-serve coffee brewers? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. We have a review that might just help you make the decision.

Our Keurig K15 review includes all the information you can possibly need for such a brewer. And coming from Keurig as a manufacturer, we promise you, you will not be disappointed to take a quick read and make up your mind afterward.  After all, we’ll be talking about one of the best-selling Keurig coffee makers.

If you aren’t new in the field of coffee and coffee brewers, you know that when you are in search of innovation, you should be looking at Keurig brewers. These innovative features are only found here. So, here is what the K15 has to offer you.

General information about the Keurig K15 Review

At the start of our Keurig K15 review, let’s just say that if you want to have professional coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in the comfort of your home, when you are working or reading a book, the K15 will be quite handy. Most of the advantages coming from this brewer are found in its excellent functionality.  Talking about the brand again, you know that whenever you are purchasing a Keurig, you are getting much more than the product. You are also getting durability and reliability that can only be found in a very small number of other brands.

In addition, you have a wide specter of drink options you can brew on this machine, which is why it is an excellent addition for those who like to experiment with beverages. More importantly, you even get to customize the drinks according to your own specific taste. You can even use the freshly ground coffee you own. How amazing is that?

The K15 offers a lot of great features – even its size is what you wouldn’t expect. It comes in a very small and compact design, which is why it is perfect for smaller kitchens and office kitchens too. Regardless of its size, it still has amazing functionality and it is quite practical too. And with the prices it comes – it is definitely an excellent bargain. You basically pay less and you get much more than you would with similarly priced models.

Most important features of the Keurig K15

As we said before in our Keurig K15 review, this compact and small single-serve coffee is an excellent buy because of the features. It can brew K-Cup pods in numerous sizes for instance. Also, it is very fast when it does so, and you will get a smooth, delicious, and rich cup of coffee in the blink of an eye.

By getting the already expected Keurig quality, you get numerous options for your convenience too. Namely, there are a number of cup size options you can choose from. Specifically – 6, 8, and 10 ounces. If you prefer stronger coffee, then a 6-ounce cup will be the perfect fit for your needs. On the other hand, if you prefer a milder coffee, the 10-ounce cup will suit you just fine.

Another interesting thing about the Keurig K15 is the fact that it doesn’t have a water tank – at all. This makes the whole unit very light and perfect for traveling. It is also very light. However, you do get a removable drip tray which is why cleaning the unit will be as easy as it can be. This also means that you can fit a larger cup below the spout if you need to. Lastly, you get an excellent option for getting only hot water if you want to turn espressos into Americanos.


This eco-friendly device which has an auto-turn off mode is excellent for those who value minimalism and functionality. It is handy, compact and most importantly, it is a one-time investment, that’s how durable it actually is.

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