Keurig B60: Features

  • Holds up to 48 oz. of water
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Up to three (3) brewing sizes to select from (a big improvement over previous models)
  • A drip tray that can be removed


Buyers feedback

There a lot of buyers that are of the opinion that the Keurig B60 is the best single-serve coffee maker you’ll find in the market place. It has the entire package – stylish looks,  impeccable performance and produces outstanding coffee anytime you need it.

Typical buyer statements:

“The best single-serve coffeemaker you’ll ever find.”
“The best single-cup coffeemaker. Enough said.”
“I’m totally in love with this coffee maker.”


The Keurig B60 is very easy to use, efficient, effective and definitely the best coffee makers in the single-serve that you can buy when you look at online ratings and reviews.  You have the added bonus of using the best-selling K-Cup packs which are available in every coffee blend you can think of.  Also, you can still even add your own blend by getting a filter for the B60 which will give you the ability to use your favourite coffee grounds. Overall this is an excellent single-serve coffee maker and it would be difficult to find anything better in this class.