Keurig B30 Review

by PickMyBrewer Team
keurig b30

What better way to start a day than to sit back and relax with a nice steaming cup of coffee? Of course you probably already know this which is why you’re looking into buying a coffee maker. There is something that you need to know about making your purchase though.

keurig b30

Buying a one cup coffee maker may seem as easy as finding the cheapest one and hitting the purchase button. That is the case if you don’t know that the quality of your coffee depends on a lot of factors and your experience is also based on how the manufacturer designed it. After writing a lot of coffee maker reviews I know exactly what needs to be looked at when buying a coffee maker and I use this knowledge to help people like you understand exactly which coffee makers are truly the best in the industry.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Keurig B30 which is a one cup coffee maker. It has received a lot of feedback from consumers so it’s time to break it apart and see what all of the talks is really about while uncovering whether or not it can stand up to its fierce competition.

Keurig B30 Features & Specifications

  • The space-conscious design gives you the flexibility that you need when you don’t have much room for your one cup coffee maker. Most coffee machines are bulky which gives this Keurig B30 mini brewer an edge on their competition.
  • Using K-Cup technology that Keurig is known for gives you the opportunity to simply insert it into the coffee maker and start the brewing process. No more having to buy filters and scoop coffee out to make a batch of coffee. Just insert your K-Cup and press the button!
  • If you want coffee “on-demand” then this is a great choice as it will only brew one cup of coffee at a time which reduces waste that other coffee makers are known for producing when all of the coffee isn’t drank.
  • The brew time is only 3 minutes which is a lot faster than coffee machines that take 5 minutes or longer to brew your coffee.
    To get you started you’ll get 10 FREE K-Cups with your new Keurig B30 mini brewer. Everyone likes a bonus every once in a while.

Price Range: $100-$175

Who Would Buy This: Anyone that wants a one cup coffee maker that enables fresh coffee simply by pushing a button.
Simplicity is the key to this Keurig B30 mini brewer. It takes up very little space and its design ensures that users aren’t going to get frustrated with having to do a lot of things just to get a cup of coffee. With only a 3 minute brew time it’s sure to fit into the busiest of lifestyles.

Many people find that this Keurig B30 mini brewer is a perfect fit for their desk. It has a very small footprint for those who have minimal space to put their one cup, coffee maker. Of course, you can only brew one cup of coffee at a time which assures that you get the freshest coffee with each and every brew.

One great thing about this Keurig B30 coffee machine is that it uses K-Cup technology. This means all you have to do is lift the lid and put your K-Cup in, then press the brew button. This also provides you with the opportunity to switch up the flavours without having to brew a whole cup of coffee. This is the simplicity that has more and more people wanting even more.

On top of the other great benefits of the Keurig B30, the brew time being at 3 minutes makes sure that you don’t have to wait forever for a single cup of coffee. When your day is busy and you need that extra caffeine rush it can easily be obtained with this one cup coffee maker. This is sure a lot better than the 5-10 minutes that a lot of coffee makers are known to take when brewing the coffee.

All in all, the Keurig B30 is a pretty good addition to any coffee lover’s life that demands a space-friendly design while having the ability to brew one cup of coffee at a time. With the dominant rating left by consumers who submitted their Keurig B30 review being 5 stars, it’s no doubt that the Keurig B30 mini brewer has lived up to its expectations for a lot of people.


The main issue with this Keurig B30 brewer is that some people have gotten their hands on a defective machine that stopped working after a month. Fortunately, this is only an issue experienced by a small number of people as there are a lot more that have positive experiences with the Keurig B30. The good thing is that it does come with a warranty, so if you get a defective machine you can send it in for a replacement.

This Keurig B30 coffee machine is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. If it breaks down within the first year of using it you can send it in for a replacement Keurig mini brewer.

Is the Keurig B30 a value for the money?

While the price may not seem that affordable for such a small coffee maker, it’s pretty cheap when you compare it to one of the other one cup coffee makers on the market. For the price, it’s a decent deal if a small coffee maker is something that you really need to add into your life.

Where to Buy
You can make your Keurig B30 mini brewer purchase on Amazon in order to save the most money. This online store is well known for producing their customers with savings that can’t be found anywhere else which makes them the premier destination for the Keurig B30.

You may want to see what others are saying about this Keurig B30 coffee machine before you make your final decision. The words of others will tell you a lot more than anyone else and it can give you the assurance that you need to justify your Keurig coffee machine purchase.

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