Jura E8 Review

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Jura E8

Jura E8 Review

If you’re a coffee lover and don’t own a coffee machine, it’s about time you got one. Super-automatic coffee machines like the Jura E8 are the ‘it’ thing in the coffee world. These machines are powerful and capable enough to make espresso, coffee, and many other drinks, all of this one press of a button away.

You’ll find these machines available in different types, sizes, brands, functions and price ranges. So how do you decide which one is the best for your daily coffee making needs? We have researched the currently available coffee machines and decided on Jura E8 to be the best automatic espresso machine out there for you.

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Stick to this Jura coffee machine review as we break down each aspect of this machine and explain its features. We have it sorted out as to why we think this might be the ticket to your great cup of coffee every day. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker yourself and have beloved who would love to own a new automatic espresso machine, Jura E8 is a great option.


Why get a Jura E8?

Why get a fancy espresso machine while the simpler ones or the one you already have works just fine? Its because coffee or espresso isn’t just a regular drink that one takes for personal amusement. These are the energy-providing drinks that the majority of our people rely on to get their day started. In fact, coffee is something we believe the quality of our work output and deliverance depends upon on a daily basis. Great coffee means a great ahead start of the day.

The neat thing about the E8 espresso machine is its amazing authentic pulse extraction technology for which it has gotten its fame. Coffee lovers have been swearing by this revolutionary technique ever since it has hit the markets. What is this process exactly? The PEP process is an important process where hot steamy water is pushed through the coffee to brew each and every bean ground to its finest form in order for that perfect extraction. Not to mention the heartwarming aroma and flavor that is released in the process as well.

Furthermore, depending on the type of coffee you take, say espresso, you don’t have to spend too much time on getting the proportions right. Brewing too much or too little can have a negative effect on the quality of the coffee. With the automatic espresso machine, you will get your coffee just as you like it with a press of a button.

Jura E8 review


What are the specifications of the Jura E8?

  • 16 brewing cycles
  • Bean hopper capacity: up to 12 ounces
  • Width 11 inches, depth 17 inches, and height 13.5 inches
  • Plastic exterior with a stainless steel band around the boiler
  • Cup clearance or 2.5 to 4.5 inches

More Features

  • Patent Pulse Extraction Process for quick servings.
  • 8 programmable coffee strengths to choose from in addition to 12 specialties
  • Pre-brewing and pre-wet system that enhances the taste even more
  • An elegant chrome color with black finish (Available in completely black version as well)
  • Ergonomic in design with an integrated grinder to acquire less space on your counters
  • The top-loading hopper comes along with the grinder
  • A large reservoir of 67 ounces to provide frequent servings
  • Self rinses the machine after every 10 minutes of operation
  • Two scoop bypass doser provides quick delivery of coffee in the cup

More Variety

This is what impressed us out of all. The Jura E8 automatic espresso machine has the ability to make a variety of coffee and warm drinks. When we say variety, we mean anything from cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes to even offer you just warm milk. All you have to do it place your favorite mug and press a button. It’s really that simple and we love it.

More Technology

As mentioned above, it used Pulse Extraction Process or better known by coffee lovers as PEP. It’s an exclusive brewing technology with a trademark of its own. In this system, water is forced through coffee at pulsating intervals for the best possible extraction time. Professional baristas aim for an ideal extraction time of 20 to 30 seconds. The Jura E8 has an extraction time of 24 seconds. That is a very short time in which you get an intensely enriched cup of coffee with a generous amount of froth.

More Customization

Don’t like the default settings? Customize your drink right there and then. You can get your cup of coffee just as you like it. It uses a pick-up tube system for milk. So you can add milk straight into it, adjust the height of the selected coffee and milk streams down through it, exactly how you prefer it.

You can customize the volume in ounces or millimeters and set the coffee strength up to 8 levels. You can even maintain the temperature of how warm to hot you want your coffee to turn out to be. Imagine discovering that perfect warm temperature where you can drink your coffee as soon as it comes out of this machine.

Easier cleaning

Whether at home or the office, cleaning up espresso machines is never anyone’s favorite chore. Also, it is an established fact that any device that uses milk should be cleaned appropriately. However, with Jura E8, hygiene and cleanliness have been well thought through. The cleanup process is simple. When you ask for a milk-based beverage, the Jura E8 automatically rinses the frothing device after 10 minutes of use. If a machine cleaning itself bothers you, you can always use the handy container which comes accompanied by the Jura package.

Large reservoir

What’s the second most not so great task when operating an espresso machine? Finding it empty and having to load it. With Jura E8, the reservoir is big enough to handle the heavy workload of continuous coffee making for the lot. At 67 ounces, it can last up to quite a long time. Its also low maintenance thus you’ll hardly have to open it up for cleaning or maintenance.

Froth control

While we love our frothy creamy cups of coffee. Not everyone does, especially the lactose-intolerant people. The great thing about Jura E8 is that it has an adjustable dial just for milk froth. This lets you control the amount of froth that will cover your beverage, or of course, none at all. Your choice really. This feature is great for making the perfect flat white which is a delicious yet overpriced beverage that resembles a latte.

Handling the heat

What’s the best way to serve a coffee? Hot. That’s how the vast majority likes their beverages. The Jura E8 has an aluminum-made boiler lined with stainless steel placed right next to the reservoir. It also is equipped with the option of you maintaining the temperature you want your coffee to be delivered at, from warm to hot. The thermoblock technology makes the system fast but it is not as fast as a dual boiler machine ought to be.

Main differences between the Jura E8 and the Jura E6

Both of these models have been the star models for being not only popular but great at performing as well. While both models may have quite the similarities, we’ll emphasize on how Jura E8 differs from the Jura E6 so that you get filled in on the differences specifically.

  • In Jura E6 you got seven different coffee specialties while with E8, you get a total of 8 different levels of coffee strengths, 6 levels of aroma and 4 pre-set drinks additionally.
  • The reservoir capacity differs just by an ounce with Jura E6 having a capacity of 63 ounces while the E8 has a capacity of 67 ounces.
  • The capacity of the bean hopper for E6 was 9.9 ounces while for E8 it is 10 ounces.
  • In Jura E6, there was no separate milk and coffee spout while in E8 there is a single touch cappuccino system that dispenses coffee and milk from a separate sprout.

Is it worth the price tag?

The technology invested in putting this beast of a machine together for the perfect cup of coffee prepared in seconds validates the price tag. It is reliable, requires low maintenance and thanks to the automatic cleaning feature, it’s a great machine for offices and houses alike. Very few units out there offer the list of features in a signle machine. The eight strength setting itself caters to the likes of so many in a single place. This is a great value for money considering that there are other models out there costing far more.

  • A large removable reservoir of 67 ounces
  • Manual selection between coarse or fine ground
  • Automatic clean up after every 10 minutes of idle milk use
  • Ceramic made burr grinder
  • 8 different coffee strengths to choose from
  • Customizable shut off feature
  • Might be too large for small kitchen spaces
  • Noisy when grinding beans
  • The cup placement has a height limit

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