Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker 12 Cup

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hamilton beach coffee maker 12 cup

With this Hamilton Beach coffee maker which is 12 cup you get two ways to brew your coffee, single-serve and full pot. The 12-cup glass carafe is included, or you can just brew into a travel or regular sized mug using the single-serve function. It has a very durable stainless steel construction.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker 12 Cup Single Serve

The Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker uses ground coffee, unique scoop measures and filters ground coffee to get a perfect cup of delicious coffee every time. It is very simple to operate and it makes super hot coffee, whichever function you deem most appropriate for you.

The single-serve side uses Senseo pods which are quite good and easy to find in any store. With this Hamilton Beach 12 cup coffee maker you can also use non-pod coffee so the options are limitless. If you have been looking for the perfect coffee maker, you will not be disappointed with this unit.

You can use the single-serve side most days and also have the option to use the 12-cup side when you have more time to drink coffee. The pouring spout makes it easy to pour a cup without it dripping all over the place as other coffee makers do.

This Hamilton Beach coffee maker is a great programmable coffee maker. You will feel so spoiled waking up in the morning to a delicious cup of coffee waiting for you on the kitchen counter. You can set it to make the coffee at a certain time and it stays nice and warm for a long time.

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The brewing takes just a couple of minutes and the results are really satisfying. There are minimal grounds that get through into your cup. The construction of the unit is attractive and durable. It is ideal for people that need either a cup of coffee in the morning or a full pot on the weekend with their family and friends.

The single-cup side on this Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker has another nice feature where you can stack the drip pan so small cups of coffee do not make a mess as the coffee drips into them. You also have a choice between a regular and bold brew setting.

You can make the cup as large as you like, the coffee comes out hot and it is not weak coffee because of the quick brewing. It has a very favourable design factor if you choose to place your coffee station on a piece of furniture rather than a moisture-resistant counter. The programming is very simple to do and there is a setting for “bold” too. It halts brewing if you need to pour a cup before the cycle has ended.

Two-Way Brewer

This very popular Hamilton Beach coffee maker allows users to use both Senseo pods or your own ground coffee. There are some trial and error at first, you will have a play around with the amount to get the right ‘recipe’ for the perfect cup of coffee exactly the way you like it.

It is really amazing to be able to make just one cup of decaf at night on the pod side, and then time it to brew a whole pot for the morning. With this Hamilton Beach, single-serve coffee maker you will have to experiment a bit with how much to put in and also with the “bold” setting.

With Hamilton Beach 12 cup coffee maker you can use your own coffee, so no more looking for or storing K-cups all over the place. Now you can try different types of coffee and this unit makes it a breeze to do that. The coffee comes out very hot. The gold filter for the one-cup feature saves you money as you do not have to purchase pods.

It is recommended you use a gold filter for the large pot option as well, but that one is sold separately. This unit comes with a sample of Senseo coffee pods. The single-serve option has a water line which makes it easier to fill with water. Teabags can also be used with the single-serve option.

hamilton beach coffee maker 12 cup

This Hamilton Beach coffee maker is very stylish and it has the classic look of stainless steel. Apart from the appeal, this also makes it easier to clean compared with plastic housings. The brewing process is more enjoyable thus for parties of more than 10 guests.

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With the Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker there is only minimal cleaning involved and most of the time all you have to do is wipe down the machine with a wet paper towel. Because of the one-cup feature, there is no need to waste an entire pot of coffee just to savour one cup.

It also features a customizable option that allows you to set different strength for your coffee. This is a great feature when you are looking for an extra kick to prepare yourself for a busy day. The normal setting is enough for a regular day, but it is nice to be able to ‘tamper’ with the flavour strength whenever you feel like it.

It also comes with a scoop that measures perfectly uniformed cups every time which allows for the same consistency of the flavour. There is also a smart option to adjust the height for either short or taller cups, whichever you choose to use.

You do not have to be a pro to operate this coffee maker. One of its key features, its simplicity, coupled with its functionality, make this product a good purchase for those who have no time to spare when making their coffee.

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