Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Reviews (1003380) is a super-automatic unit that oozes with responsive performance and charming good looks.

The front panel of the unit is made of stainless steel with the durable metal frame as well as bright display. Thus, this machine embodies well-refined aesthetic design.

gaggia accademia espresso machine

Just like any other model of the espresso machine, this unit also features programmable and one-touch push-button controls used for milk, hot water and espresso outputs.

When using this machine you can expect to dispense perfect beverages. There are seven buttons that you can choose from that include Caffe, espresso, cappuccino, cafe lungo, latte macchiato, latte and hot water.

This coffee maker is equipped with an innovative milk management system that is perfect for coffee drinkers. Likewise, the external milk circuit is detachable in such a way that it can be removed and place inside the refrigerator to keep the milk fresh.

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In the same manner, you can also use the machine manually because it has integrated water dispenser and steam wand.

Indeed, this machine is considered as espresso centre because of its other features such as automated controls, ceramic burr grinder, dedicated machine and milk cleaning cycles.

When it comes to beverage controls and selection you can have the opportunity to create various customized beverages. It is because there are seven programmable beverage selections available. You can also set the milk settings for normal, no froth, minimum and maximum.

In the same manner, the beverage volume and strength is also controlled. Since the machine has two boilers you can steam and brew simultaneously without waiting time.

Unlike any other brand and model of the coffee maker, the Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine features a sealed bean container that maintains the freshness of the beans. Likewise, it is easy to clean as it automatically cleans itself after using it that is why there is no milk left in the container.

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Moreover, the quality of the coffee is also amazing since there is no taste of old coffee when you brew another time. Perhaps, the most advantage of Gaggia Coffee Maker is its ability to reheat by using the built-in steaming wand. You have nothing to worry in case the cappuccino or latte is not hot when not consumed immediately.

All you have to do is activate and heat up the steaming wand for few degrees and instantly you can enjoy the hot beverage. In addition, maintenance just like Jura Coffee Maker is very easy because the brew group is detachable. In this way, you can clean it by yourself.

Since using the Gaggia Coffee Maker is very easy even your guest can use it and surely they will be impressed. Before buying the machine make sure to read first customer’s reviews so that you will know the specifications and features of the machine.

Nevertheless, with all the outstanding features the Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Reviews (1003380) offers you can ensure that it worth your money. Therefore, you should not rush buying coffee maker without doing research so that you can ensure that you are getting the best one that can give you a good taste of cappuccino and latte. Read my guide on what’s better Delonghi vs Breville.

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