DeLonghi ESAM6600 Gran Dama Digital Review

by PickMyBrewer Team

Most restaurants that have coffee on the menu are using coffee machines to produce the final beverage to serve to its customers. One of these modern machines is usually making a lot of automated espressos. An automatic espresso machine can make the work of an individual working in a coffee shop easier and more productive. Different coffee shops use different brands of this type of espresso machine to make their work easier and make a coffee and other beverages high in quality. One of the most popular brands of espresso machine that are used in some coffee shops and even in the home is the DeLonghi ESAM6600 Gran Dama Digital. This espresso machine makes espressos that are delicious and high in quality.  Like with all automatic espresso machine, people can make coffee with a single click of a button. Read my Delonghi ESAM6600 review and learn more.

What we really like about the Delonghi esam6600

DeLonghi Gran Dama Digital Control ButtonsThe DeLonghi ESAM6600 Gran Dama Digital Super-Automatic is going to satisfy most that choose to use it. There are many advantages to this super-automatic espresso machine that cannot be found in any other espresso machine brands. One of the most popular advantages of this espresso machine is having a water tank that is much larger in size. The water tank of this espresso machine is big and has the capacity to handle a large amount of water. Another advantage of this espresso machine is the accessories are interchangeable. The overall construction of the espresso machine is also an advantage of owning a DeLonghi. Also, this espresso machine has the capacity to clean itself with the help of the cleaning system. Other brands of an espresso machine don’t have this benefit. Another good thing about that this espresso machine is that because of being an automatic machine; this is a one-button operation. In just a click and a push of a button, the procedure of making the coffee is done. This espresso machine also has the capacity to control the amount of milk and espresso via programmable buttons. So, making three different beverages is going to be very easy thanks to the one-touch function.

What isn’t that good about this DeLonghi super-automatic?

Regardless of the advantages of DeLonghi ESAM6600 has, there are some minor issues to report and you would expect only minor considering the quality and price of this machine. One is that the water filter has no in-line. Then, being slow in the process of re-heating is said to be one of the disadvantages of this espresso machine. Another issue although not really related to the performance of this machine is that there are many reports of the instructional DVD included in the package doesn’t work. The best solution is to have it replaced by the supplier by calling the customer service hotline.

Main Features


  • This is a fully automatic espresso machine
  • It has 1350 watts
  • Pressure cups of 15 bars
  • Excellent heat distribution with the help of technology named Thermoblock
  • Conical burr grinder that is integrated
  • It has a system of direct-brew
  • The menu settings are programmable by digital
  • Its parts are dishwasher-safe
  • It measures 16 and a half by 11 and one-fourth by 11 inches
  • It tips the scale of 36.4 pounds

Conclusion – is it really worth getting?

One of the best brands in super-automatic espresso machines – DeLonghi have come up with a model worthy of purchase for any owner of a coffee shop or small restaurant and even just the kitchen at home – the ESAM6600 Gran Dama Digital. For a person looking for a high-end quality machine to make a good commercial standard espresso or coffee, purchasing this brand is always going to be a good decision.

Check out the latest model here.

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