As a reviewer of the top-selling coffee makers, we could not pass up reviewing of the DeLonghi EC155. Read the review and enjoy.

This 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino maker has a staggering 1,147 buyers who have left reviews on Amazon – the majority of those glowing with over 50% rating it at 5 stars. In fact, it still remains Amazon’s best selling product in the espresso maker category.

So what makes the EC155 a cut above the rest in espresso makers and is it really that good? This review aims to provide answers as well as providing information on the good and bad points along with what the buyers are saying about the espresso maker.

DeLonghi EC155 Review

The EC155 is a 15 bar pressure pump driven coffee machine which is capable of making either espresso or cappuccinos. What makes it really appealing is that it gives you options in how you would like to make your coffee.  You can use brew ground espresso or E.S.E pods thanks to its very unique patented dual filter holder system.

One of the highlights or main benefits of Delonghi EC155 espresso maker is its capacity

to take on 2 temperature settings with double thermostat control. This means that the optimum temperature setting for either espresso or cappuccinos. It doesn’t stop there either, like with best selling coffeemakers, it has a range of quality features that are noted by many buyers to excel above other brands and models – many of which will set you back hundreds of dollars.  Below is a summary of the main features as well as the main pros and cons of using the Delonghi EC155 as documented in buyer reviews.

Features on the DeLonghi EC155


  • can use either pods or ground coffee. The makes making espresso very easy and quick
  • A swivel jet frother allows a hassle-free preparation of lattes and cappuccinos. Many buyers have commented on the outstanding performance of the frother
  • Self-primer for the operation means there is no need to worry about starting up or preparation with the self-priming operation
  • Always brew espresso at the perfect temperature with two separate thermostats, total control over temperature, water and steam pressure which ensures you get a perfect espresso brew to your liking
  • High quality and durable stainless steel boiler with 15 bar pump driven pressure ensures years of use

Good points:

– Consistently produces good crema
– Quality of the steam wand is very good and makes it easy for frothing of milk
– Flexible choices use pods or ground espresso
– Sizing, it is very compact and is ideal if you don’t have much kitchen space.
– Very durable with quality parts and stainless steel construction
– User operation is simple and quick with no complications
– Very easy to clean up and maintain
– The price – incredible value for around 60 – 90 dollars (depending on where you shop)
– Produces outstanding espresso making it even greater value.

Any bad points to note?

– You’ll find it hard to fit a tall mug or travel mug size as the clearance space between the tray and portafilter is a fraction small. For larger cup, you need to remove the drip tray. Regular espresso cups or shot glasses are fine though.
– There is a heavy reliance on plastic parts for this unit. Some will find that a turn-off if you’re used to stainless steel kitchen appliances.
– Pre-heating water is a little slow with 15 minutes – some have reported up to 25 minutes.
– In addition, there is no cup warmer, so you will need to heat up the cups prior to serving with another device like a microwave.

Buyer reviews – positives and negative feedback

As mentioned above, the Delonghi EC155 has an incredible 1100 reviews on Amazon and counting. With the positive reviews, there are well over half leaving 3 to 5-star ratings. The general view of those who gave it a high rating is that the EC155 produces outstanding espressos and cappuccinos for the small price you pay. They also indicate the machine is very easy to clean and like the fact it’s very compact in size. Another big talking point is the quality of the crema it can produce along with the milk frother – both are top quality.

In regards to the negative feedback, there are lot saying the coffee machine stops working after 9 to 12 months, a few of those do admit they don’t look after and clean machine regularly which can cause problems. There are also some reporting the customer service from Delonghi is terrible and don’t offer support.  Amazon does carry 2 to 3 year extended warranty plans with this unit for an extra 7 to 9 dollars, we recommend buying the extended warranty as there are a significant number of reports that the unit has issues after 9 months. Click here for information. Other negative feedback includes the amount of manual operation with the unit and if you’re not used to making espressos you could come up with issues. Even so, there are negative reviewers still indicated the unit produces great quality espressos.

Final verdict – is this DeLonghi best seller worth getting?

The Delonghi EC155 is a great entry-level espresso maker capable of matching the standard of espressos produced by the top of the range commercial espresso machines at a fraction of the price with very easy operation and cleaning. This is one of the main reasons its ability to maintain its no.1 selling ranking for espresso makers on most online retail sites including Amazon. So if your looking for a low-cost solution to making high-quality espressos or cappuccinos this machine fits the bill.