Coffee Vs Green Tea – Debate Over Their Benefits

by PickMyBrewer Team
Coffee vs green tea is a very important debate. Before you read on, I would like to explain the question first. The argument is over whether coffee or any other caffeinated beverage, can have an effect on your health.

Coffee contains caffeine, which is an ingredient that causes dehydration. When you drink a cup of coffee you put a lot of water into your body, which dehydrates your body. In turn, this means that you are going to be more susceptible to getting dehydrated and sick when you drink coffee. And green tea does not contain caffeine.
Yet, if we are taking all the health benefits of tea into consideration, then there are many more advantages to drinking green tea. Drinking green tea has been found to be beneficial in many ways. For example, drinking green tea may help prevent many types of cancer. Additionally, it has been shown to help reduce the risk of stroke.
Although these benefits are recent, there are small studies that have been conducted by scientists in various countriesThese studies have found that in the short term, consuming green tea on a regular basis can actually help your body to flush out the toxins in your bodyThe drinking of coffee will cause you to have a much higher level of caffeine in your system, which may cause you to get headaches.

Green Tea Lowers The Risk of Heart Disease

Other studies have found that the consumption of green tea has helped lower the risk of heart disease. While the results of these studies are still being studied, they are encouraging in that they show that the tea is good for the heart and at the same time they show that drinking coffee can cause you to have high blood pressure.
You see, green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which helps to block the absorption of other chemicals, such as the chemical called cortisol. Caffeine is known to raise the levels of cortisol, which in turn raises the amount of blood sugar in your body.
This means that drinking green tea, along with the addition of other vitamins and minerals can help to make your blood sugar level lower, making it easier for you to control diabetes. The way the body absorbs the EGCG is by acting as a laxative, which means that it cleanses your colon, making it easier for you to control constipation. The colon can be cleaned out when it becomes clogged with faecal matter, leaving you free to deal with other ailments.
coffee vs green tea

When you drink coffee, you tend to be short of energy, and having the green tea as a co-partner with the green tea actually helps you to remain energized. Not only that but because the green tea helps to flush out waste from your colon, it also helps to make you much less likely to develop colon cancer. And there is no doubt that coffee can have an effect on your health if you are drinking too much of it, but it can help you have a healthier life.

Advantages To Drinking Green Tea

There are actually many advantages to drinking green tea over coffee. One of the biggest advantages is that you can enjoy the effects of the tea while avoiding the effects of the caffeine. If you drink coffee and you decide that you want to quit, it can take some time for the effects of the caffeine to begin to wear off.

However, when you drink green tea, there is no need to quit cold turkey. Green tea can easily replace caffeine in your daily diet, so you can avoid the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that can occur when you drink coffee without a substitution. So this is one great advantage to drinking green tea over coffee.

Another great benefit of drinking green tea is that it has many properties that help you lose weight. In fact, green tea can help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week.

So it seems that not only is there a debate over these two products, but also a debate about how many benefits there are to these products. Both are extremely healthy, and both should be consumed on a regular basis. as there are a number of advantages to each.

What is healthier coffee vs green tea?

Coffee and tea are both common caffeine sources. Both are generally considered to be healthy for you. Still, it’s a difficult question.

The first and most obvious reason to drink them is the health benefits they provide. Caffeine is the main stimulant that aids in the increase in your heart rate.

It has been noted that coffee causes an increase in the heart rate. But then again, many people also find that by drinking tea, they’re able to get some type of sedative effect to be more relaxed. It can cause you to feel more energetic.

The second most beneficial properties are the anti-oxidants found in both coffee and tea. Many of the harmful free radicals in your body come from our daily diet. Drinking tea and drinking coffee are the most powerful agents you can use in eliminating these agents.

A third reason that tea and coffee are so widely accepted is the fact that they both contain the herb known as inositol, which has certain health benefits. Also, they contain natural caffeine.

For example, it provides you with a high amount of antioxidants. Studies have shown that it also strengthens your immune system and aids in boosting your energy levels.


It’s also been proven that tea and coffee can help alleviate your body’s reaction to stress. They also stimulate the nervous system and this, in turn, helps the body release some chemicals.

As for green tea, there is a study that shows that it helps with the treatment of some types of cancer. It was even shown to be even more effective than some types of chemotherapy.

Coffee can cause you to lose a lot of weight because it contains chemicals that stimulate your metabolism. Tea and coffee contain caffeine, but they don’t cause you to feel jittery.

So, why would anyone choose one over the other? Well, there are a few reasons.

You can drink green tea and coffee at the same time, in a day. The caffeine in the tea can help keep you awake as you are in the middle of a long workday.

Coffee is extremely popular for its health benefits but for some reason, it seems to be the last one chosen. Perhaps it will take another 20 years before the truth about tea and coffee is made known to the public. Thanks for reading my coffee vs green tea article.

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