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capresso mt500

With so many Capresso coffee maker reviews on the Internet, how do you know which ones actually provide you with the most useful information? Is it the most basic ones that you should trust or is it the ones that go head-on with all of the details about what the coffee brewer has to offer? Read my Capresso mt500 review below and learn more.

To be honest, you need to know a lot about a coffee maker in order to make a truly justified buying decision. There are many details that should be looked at and they should be laid out in a manner that shows you how you’re going to benefit them. The shallow reviews that lack a lot of details are usually the ones that you want to stay away from as their not written with you in mind. With that said, I have taken a lot of time to create this Capresso coffee maker review so that you can see everything that it has to offer in terms of producing a high-quality cup of coffee.

For this review, we’re going to look at the Capresso MT500 which is a thermal coffee maker that eliminates the need for a warming plate. It’s now time to see if this coffee maker lives up to the high standards demanded by coffee addicts around the world or if it’s just like flushing money down the toilet.

Capresso MT500 Coffee Maker Features & Specifications

  • You’ll find that this particular Capresso coffee maker uses a stainless thermal carafe designed to hold the heat in without using a warming plate that will only overheat your coffee over time. This is the same technology used in many commercial establishments.
  • If you don’t want to wait until the coffee brewer is done to have a cup of coffee, all you have to do is pause this Capresso coffee maker and restart it when you replace the carafe.
  • The brew time on this Capresso coffee maker is only 8 minutes which means that you can start it and perform your morning routines to find a fresh cup of coffee waiting on you.
  • After brewing is completed, the Capresso coffee maker will automatically shut off. This saves energy and prevents the wear and tear that coffee machines which stay on are known to end up becoming a victim of.
  • The LED display makes it as easy as possible for you to read. No more squinting as they have definitely learned that this is a common drawback in many coffee brewers.

Price Range: $110-$200

Who Would Buy This: Anyone that dislikes the burnt taste that a coffee maker with warming plate is known to cause.

A thermal coffee maker is intended for those who want the best tasting coffee possible. The Capresso mt500 coffee maker uses technology that has a vacuum seal and carafe design that keeps the coffee at the desired temperature without having to risk the quality of the coffee as it sits. This is also a great choice for anyone who wants to be as energy-efficient as possible when brewing coffee.


Simplicity is definitely a factor that the folks over at Capresso thought about when developing this thermal coffee maker. From having the ability to pause it in the middle of a brew to shutting off right after it’s done, this is something that not many coffee brewers have done successfully as Capresso has with the Capresso Coffee Maker MT500.The thermal technology is another awesome addition that’s used to eliminate the need for a warmer not only produces a higher quality of coffee than non-thermal coffee makers but it has proved that Capresso is willing to take huge steps that only commercial coffee makers dared to take in the past. It has the ability to keep your coffee hot for hours without risking the flavor that users experience as they sip their morning coffee.Aside from what I just mentioned above, the stainless steel design of this Capresso coffee maker gives it a modern appearance that anyone can appreciate from a kitchen appliance. The old days of just using plastic are over and stainless steel is sure to bring out the brilliance in any kitchen that it’s used in.
capresso mt500

When it comes down to it, the only way that you’re going to get a bad tasting cup of coffee from this Capresso coffee maker is if you use low quality coffee beans. The Capresso coffee maker reviews left by users of this particular model even back it up, which really says a lot.


The main setback of this Capresso coffee maker is that users can’t line up the lid most of the time causing them to spill coffee everywhere. As long as you pay attention to what you’re doing (which you should be doing anyway when pouring coffee) you won’t have any issues. It’s just a matter of looking at how the lid fits on instead of rushing through the process.


Your purchase of this Capresso coffee maker is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. This is a great assurance to have as nobody wants to be out money if they make a purchase that doesn’t have sound kind of a guarantee like this one to cover it.

Is the Capresso coffee maker a value for the money?

The Capresso MT500 may have a daunting price, but it’s really a pretty fair one considering that the quality of coffee it produces is sure to have any coffee lover begging for more. While it may not be the cheapest, it’s definitely not the most expensive either. There are many other lower quality coffee makers being priced at much higher prices than this one.

Where to Buy

Amazon has the best pricing around on this thermal coffee maker. Offering prices significantly lower than what the manufacturer suggests it’s clear that they’re out to help you and not the other way around.

Capresso coffee maker reviews have been left by tons of users which only says one thing. They’ll either fail in the eyes of consumers or they’ll become the next phenomenon.

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