Bunn Coffee Maker Review VLP Professional

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bunn coffee maker review

Bunn VLPF Professional coffee brewer comes with 2 warmers and is a revolutionary automatic coffee machine that features 2-front mounted lower warmers that lets the user hold hot or coffee water with the ideal temperatures for serving. It lets you brew up to 4 gallons per hour straight to the decanters with 64 oz capacity. Read more on the Bunn Coffee Maker Review Below.

General Information About the Bunn Coffee Maker Review VLP Professional

The Bunn VLPF Professional is made of durable and stainless steel that comes with a black color finish which makes it easier to clean. This amazing brewer also looks perfectly ideal for the cafés, restaurants, or diners. This automatic coffee brewer also boasts its Splash Guard funnel that is stainless which protects the user from getting burned.

The two lower warmers of this Bunn VLPF automatic coffee brewer comes with a 120 voltage, 13.3 amperes, and 1600 watts electric ratings that are listed in the NSF and UL. For you to have further information about the dimensions and installation of this coffee brewer, you may consult a specification sheet related to this machine.

This Bunn VLPF Professional is indeed a marketable coffee brewing unit that can offer you full and high-quality features that you can only usually see on restaurant and fine finer brewers. You will surely get great satisfaction and providence of needs from your drinks when using this innovative and effective machine.

The Pros And Cons Of The Bunn Coffee Maker Review -VLPF Professional


You can easily brew approximately 4 gallons of coffee and other desired drinks per hour because this is a coffee brewing unit that has a 1570 watt electrical rating. This automatic coffee brewer lets you experience the best brewing moment because of its full and high-quality features offered to the customers for them to nearly get restaurant brewed drinks. This also allows you to brew your favorite drinks directly into a decanter while you are keeping a second warm pot because of the two separately controlled warmers.

Furthermore, for instant teas and other drinks, you conveniently make it hotter because of the built-in hot water faucet included in the brewer that is designed not to burn the skin of the person holding it so they may enjoy the hot foods. This coffee brewing unit may surely look great and attractive to your apartments, restaurant, diner, or personal kitchens because of the simple yet elegant black color decorations and finish. This also has internal components that were all constructed from long-lasting stainless steel so you will not get tired of cleaning and washing it up after use.

The Splash Guard lets you experience safer and more secured brewing because it may provide you a shield from the handle to the deflected hot water or liquids away from your hands if the funnel is held before the brewing cycle is finished.


Though this brewing unit allows you to directly brew your coffee into the decanter, it can still a downfall for customers to know that the decanter is not yet included if you purchase it. You still need to look for the perfect and suitable decanter in the market and experience the best of its features. However, the price is also quite discouraging because of its expensiveness. But, if the price is the problem, it can never be unreasonable because this may give you excellent performance and adds elegant style to your kitchen or office.

Key Features of this coffee brewer:

For you to be more interested in this latest brewing unit, here are its amazing and incredible features you will surely love:

  • Automatic features that let you hook up to the waterline
  • Internal components which are constructed with stainless steel materials
  • Easy brewing directly to the decanters
  • Two separately restricted controlled warmers
  • Plastic funnel
  • Splash Guard funnel that deflects hot water away from the holder’s hand for more improved safety brewing
  • The individual on or off switch for every warmer
  • Classic and Stylish look because of its black exterior decoration
  • Hot water faucet made for soups, teas, hot chocolates, etc that is mounted in front
  • Dimension: 16-8/9 by 23 by 13”
  • Brews 4 gallons per hour capacity of coffee and drinks, 1570-watt commercial drink brewing unit.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

There were only seven customers that have shared their Amazon reviews for this machine. Six of them were highly impressed with this coffee brewing machine and rated it with a 5-star score. But, the last one customer was quite disappointed and dissatisfied with the brewer and only gave it a1 star rating.

Conclusion – Is the Bunn Coffee maker review Professional VLPF really worth buying?

Bunn VLPF Professional automatic coffee brewer is indeed a revolutionary coffee brewing unit that can suitably fit your place. It may give you tasteful and delicious coffee at any time. It is very easy to use and it will not let you experience harm or danger while brewing. If you want to know more about this product, you can visit the Amazon site and read reliable reviews about the VLPF’s performance. This article gives you best  bunn coffee maker review information.

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