Breville Barista Express Review For Buyers

Are you looking for a high-quality coffee machine? Well, read my Breville barista express review below. One thing is sure, the one we are going to talk about is one of the most equipped and well-constructed coffee brewers on the market.

After all, you know that when you are dealing with Breville, you are dealing with high-quality. This is exactly why, if there is a machine that can tick the right boxes for a domestic espresso machine – it is definitely the Breville one. Keep on reading our Breville Barista Express review to see if this is the machine you’ve been looking for.

General information about the Breville Barista Express brewer

One of the best things about this machine that we cannot avoid in the Breville BES870XL review is the fact that it is very fast. Namely, it can grind and dose the coffee beans in the filter in no more than 1 minute. In addition to this, it is obvious the manufacturer had convenience and flexibility throughout the process of designing the machine. This is why this brewer is equipped with two double-wall filters. This means that you can use it to make two shots at the same time if you want to.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

Moreover, from the first time you look at it, you will easily notice that it has a lot of handy features. For instance, it features a built-in grinder which in the end, saves you a lot of time. Also, it has a heat-exchange boiler. This feature makes sure that you get milk frothing and extraction at the same time. Another thing that will surely excite you is the fact that it is very programmable. Although it is a technical feature, the Barista Express’ heat exchange boiler system is exactly what you need to ease your coffee making activity. As we said previously, this will allow you to get an espresso at the same time as you are steaming milk. In the end, you save a lot of time and you don’t move a finger.

Lastly, we cannot help but notice that when you use this coffee maker, you will have a lot of options. Namely, you can choose from different doses, shots and the temperature of the coffee. Also, there is a removable filter reservoir which has a lot of capacity. At 67 ounces, you get both a large tank and a carbon resin water filter.

Specifications of the Breville Barista Express

Many people often forget about the details when they are buying an appliance such as a coffee maker. However, we think that it is very important to know what you are investing in. So, in our Breville Barista Express review, we’ll talk a bit about these things. The Breville brewer is a semi-automatic machine which requires almost none of your attention or energy. It serves itself and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance either.  There is a single heat-exchange boiler, but there is also a Thermocoil feature for your convenience. In addition to this, there is a manual steam wand, but it is very easy to use.

Another thing we noticed is that size does matter, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. Luckily for you, the Breville coffee maker is a rather compact one. It comes in dimensions of 16 x 13.25 x 12.5 inches. Basically, this means that it can fit almost any kitchen or bar too. Style-wise, it is safe to say that this brewer adds a touch of sophistication in all kitchens. The design is smooth yet modern which is the perfect combination for most kitchen interior designs.

Brewing abilities

When it comes to making milk-based drinks like cappuccino or latte, this is the machine for you. The Breville is simply excellent because it offers a steamed milk with what people tend to call-silkiness. Also, it is very fast when brewing coffee, so you won’t spend too much time waiting for that rich sip of coffee. Considering the fact that this machine is for domestic use, it can easily be concluded that it is perfect. It has amazing features, offers excellent options and it comes in a high-quality package. In general, it will surely exceed your expectations.

For those who enjoy the process of brewing espresso, you will love our Breville BES870XL review because we have some more good news. You can take the single-wall filters and have the chance to apply your personal tamp. Another thing about this is the fact that it has a special tamper. This tamper is equipped with a magnetized lock which can also be attached to the brewer. So, if you want a double-wall filter – you will get it this way. On the other hand, if you don’t need one, you can easily detach it without using any strength. You can also use a manual tamper – everything according to your needs.

It is safe to say that this brewer is both semi and super-automatic, considering its features. It is an excellent machine that will surely ease up your life significantly. So, if you have a lot of needs, you can really rely on this super-machine.

User-friendliness of the Breville Barista Express coffee brewer

If you aren’t an advanced barista, you will surely find this coffee maker to be an excellent asset. For instance, it has a 15-bar pump as well as a thermocoil heating system. These features make sure that both the frothing and the brewing are very simplified. Additionally, there are pre-programmed espresso options which ensure that you have coffee at the touch of a button. As we said before in the Breville BES870XL review, you will surely enjoy choosing from both single and double shot options. There are easy-to-use buttons which are very user-friendly. More importantly, if you have any issues or if you mistake the buttons, there is an override option for the preset espressos. You can also customize the type and the volume of your drink according to your needs.

An additional feature you would find regarding the brewing process is the hands-free portafilter holder. With it, you can select the size of your filter (double or single) and you can put the portafilter in its place. After this, the machine will get you the right amount of coffee without any effort from your side. Additionally, there is a button which can be found next to the portafilter holder which lets you push once if you want an automatic dose, or you hold it if you want to choose your grind amount according to your needs.

Although it requires some effort from your side in order to use it properly, we assure you, you will never regret having it. After knowing how to properly use it, you will see that this brewer is incredibly easy to use. It offers everything a coffee lover would need. The customizable volumetric control and the boiler system make sure that you have an impeccable cup of coffee each morning to start your day.


We’ll have to finish our Breville Barista Express review by giving high-scores to this amazing coffee brewer. It is exactly what you need if you want an impeccable cup of coffee waiting for you each morning for a lot of years to come. It simply offers the coffee you deserve to have. After reading a thorough Breville BES870XL review, you have probably made your mind, and we assure you-you aren’t going to be mistaken.

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