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Best thermal coffee maker overview

Thermal coffee makers have become the brewing experience of choice. A carafe allows the pot to be set on the table for convenience, it keeps the beverage hot for a longer period and is more durable than a glass pot. Several brands of best thermal coffee makers were examined to see which model offers superior quality and a superior coffee drinking experience.

Comparing Several Brands

The Bonavita Exceptional coffee maker

The Bonavita Exceptional Brew 8-cup is an amazing thermal maker that will please your family and guests with an exceptional cup of coffee. The coffee aficionado will appreciate the engineering of the stainless steel coffee maker which is superior to other models on the market and keeps your coffee hotter and tasting fresher, thanks to the 1400 watt heater.

The Krups coffee maker

Krups thermal 10 cup coffee maker programmable is a popular purchase. This pot offers features similar to the Bonavita 8 cup coffee maker, has an easy-to-use control panel, with a double-walled carafe to keep the coffee hot for hours but is much harder to use. According to the consumer reports, the carafe is cumbersome and too wide, and it is hard to pour without spilling. The Krups thermal coffee maker is priced more competitively than the Bonavita model but is disappointing in day-to-day use. Krups products are available in most retail establishments.

The Melitta coffee maker

The Melitta coffee maker appears to be a good coffee pot at a medium price and has a 10-cup stainless steel carafe, designed to deliver a hot cup of coffee. It is also programmable, has three brewing settings (regular, bond and robust), and durable construction. When checking Melitta reviews, there is a wide range of opinions among consumers who have purchased the maker. Some rave about the flavour and warmth of their coffee, while others say the pot lasted a very short time or they were disappointed in the quality of the product. The Melitta machines are available in standard retail stores.

The Philips coffee maker

The Philips coffee models are not so commonly available and they do not make a stainless steel carafe but have glass pots, an aroma swirl feature and they come in a variety of colors. It does offer a drip-stop to interrupt drip action for a cup whenever you want it, a feature the Bonavita does not offer, and brews 10 cups. Reviews of Philips coffee maker were not readily available.

Price Comparision

Price is a factor in any purchase, and a coffee machine is no exception. The Bonavita models are a little higher in price than the other brands mentioned here ($169.95), with the Krups model next highest ($62.45) and the Melitta brand at a more moderate price ($59.99). However, they are worth a few dollars more.

If your target price $100-$200, the Bonavita is the best thermal coffee maker to choose.

Overall, the Bonavita Exceptional Brew 8-cup coffee pot was the brewing machine of choice. Let’s look at the reasons the Bonavita is preferred:


Several unique features make the Bonavita Coffee 8-Cup a must-buy for the home. The 8-cup coffee model is German-engineered and brings the brewing temperature of the water to 205 degrees F (96 degrees C) before the water is released by “showerhead” into the coffee, making the perfect cup of coffee. Because the coffee is brewed into a stainless steel carafe, the coffee never sits on a hot plate as a glass pot does, “cooking” the coffee and creating a burned or bitter beverage. The Bonavita has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), an honor saved for a select few manufacturers.


The stainless steel materials are the highest quality, and provide a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen. The machine is compact, measuring 13.2 x 8.7 x 14 inches and has a shipping weight of 9 lbs. The maker is easy to clean and easy to use, with an easy-to-fill tank and easy to clean basket. A full pot of coffee is ready in only five to six minutes. When compared to other brands, the Bonavita is the superior 8-cup coffee machine on the market.

The ease of use is another selling point. The lid is designed for ease of pouring, and only one hand is needed to pour a neat cup of coffee. The glass-lined thermal carafe holds coffee at the perfect temperature, releasing all the depth of flavour in a well-brewed beverage. The water tank is easy to fill. The Bonavita is a programmable maker so your first cup of coffee is ready when you are. The controls are designed with simplicity of use in mind, and the showerhead and lid can be removed and are dishwasher safe.


The best thermal coffee maker of Bonavita comes with an outstanding warranty. It features a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and meets all the safety specifications. It also comes with the Bonavita “Brewing Perfect Coffee Every time” Manual, the “Bonavita Exceptional Brew” Manual, a set of instructions for care of the thermal carafe, also known as the “Bonavita insulation jug,” and a pack of 4 premium Flavor Enhancing Coffee Filters.


When compared to other makers and models, the Bonavita Exceptional Brew 8-Cup is an excellent investment. Consumer reviews consistently noted the following points about Bonavita coffee makers:

•             The temperature of the coffee was hotter than other makers.

•             The “showerhead design” disbursed water throughout the grounds more evenly, getting every bit of flavour from the coffee.

•             The coffee maker’s design is simple, sophisticated and takes up very little space on the counter.

•             The speed of brewing – 5 to 6 minutes.

•             Using freshly ground beans was recommended to produce the best cup of coffee.

•             Trigger lid makes pouring easier.

•             Consumers consistently rated the Bonavita maker at 4 out of 5 stars.


  • The carafe lid that needs to be put on after you takes out a carafe of the machine.
  • Carafe keeps warm, not hot for long times.

You can see  Bonavita Coffee Maker review of Crew:


This appliance would be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Do you have a graduate setting up their kitchen for the first time? This will make a great gift. Any bride and groom would appreciate receiving a Bonavita for their first pot. It would also be a great retirement present or a wonderful housewarming present for a new homeowner and would help create happy memories for years to come.

The Bonavita is the perfect replacement for other inferior home coffee brewers. What “coffee geek” would not love the perfect cup of coffee at home or in their break room, saving a trip to the pricy coffee shop down the street? With the superior engineering and customer satisfaction of Bonavita BV1800TH 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe, shouldn’t this best thermal coffee maker be in your kitchen?

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