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best single serve coffee makers

The Single Serve Coffee Makers which are the best are enjoying a surge in popularity as the coffee craze continues to pick up momentum. There are so many benefits to owning one of these machines and once you buy and use one, its difficult to imagine how you managed without it! They have positioned themselves to certainly not be just a foot-note in the history of coffee!

Benefits Of The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

What are the benefits of best single serve coffee makers?
Obviously, the biggest benefit has got to be ease of use. Simply fill the water reservoir, add your K-Cup, T-Disc or Pod, and press start. Usually, within 60 seconds you have a great hot beverage!
This leads to the second great benefit of single-serve coffee makers. Freshness! Every cup is freshly brewed just for you. No more old, bitter coffee that has sat in the pot too long.

Space savings are also measurable. No more coffee filters, no cans full of grounds, no bags of beans. The machine is often small and compact enough to fit on your counter in an out of the way place.
Variety is the spice of life! With single-serve coffee makers, you have many options for hot beverages at your disposal. Many machines can make coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even espresso-based drinks.

More variety! When you buy the K-Cup/T-Disc/Pod for your single-serve coffee maker, you can optionally buy them in variety packs. Having many options available in single-serve sizes is actually really cool.

best single serve coffee makers

While we are talking about variety, we have to consider the many models available. Black, stainless, red, modern looking…the list goes on. It’s safe to assume from all the single-serve coffee makers available that you will find one that suits your kitchen décor.
Individual servings mean that everyone gets the flavour or beverage THEY like! When you want Hazelnut and your friend wants French Vanilla…no problem! The convenience of having your favourite when you want it is important.
Better tasting and in my opinion better quality than your average instant coffee!

Sounds fantastic! However, it would be unfair not to go over some of the drawbacks of single-serve coffee makers.

No industry standard. This means there are different machines that use different types of methods of making your single serving of coffee. It can be confusing and you have to make sure you purchase the correct type of ‘packet’ for your specific maker!
One cup at a time. While it’s a benefit listed above, it can be considered a drawback if there are a few people in a hurry.
Price can be an issue. Generally speaking, the best single serve coffee makers are more expensive compared to regular drip makers. This is also true of the serving packages. They cost more per cup than regular drip coffee as well.

Lastly, there is a limited choice of brands of coffee available compared to ground coffee or beans. Hundreds of types exist for regular drip machines!

As you can see the list of benefits of single-serve coffee makers can be summarized by saying they are simple to use, economical in many ways, offer wide selection of types of beverages as well as offering better-tasting drinks, and they are cleaner since you only need to wash one cup and once and while wipe your machine. These benefits strongly outweigh the downfalls which is why these machines are becoming more common in peoples households.

Three main types of single serve coffee makers:

Basically there are three different kinds of ‘packet’ technology competing for space in your home. K-Cup, T-Disc, and Pod.

K-Cups are what Keurig machines use. They are small cups (like little yogurt cups) that you insert into the maker and it pops some holes in it and forces water through. This is a proprietary technology and Keurig has possibly the largest selection of coffees.
T-Disc is for Tassimo machines. The T-Disc contains the hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or espresso and a bar code that tells the machine things like how much water and what temperature it should be to make the product.
Coffee Pods are similar to tea bags. Coffee and tea are the beverages best suited for this system. The best single serve coffee makers using Coffee Pods can be bought from certain manufacturers for less than Keurig or Tassimo type machines.
K-Cups, T-Discs and Coffee Pods for the Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

Now if you want a Keurig machine, you have plenty of models to choose from and since they are all made by Keurig, you don’t have to worry about incompatibilities. There are numerous models with plenty of features to choose from. Visit our Keurig Coffee Makers page for more information like models, reviews, and prices on this popular brand.

Braun has exited as the Tassimo brewer producer, so now the majority of all Tassimo makers are made by Bosch. There are different models and styles to choose from, making Tassimo a very popular choice. If you want more information on models, prices and reviews are sure to click on the Tassimo Coffee Makers page.

For Coffee Pod designs, the selection is quite vast. Many companies are making their own coffee makers. Black and Decker, Breville, Hamilton Beach are just a few. One of the most discussed brands is Senseo, so we dedicated a page to their offerings. You can reach the Senseo Single Serve Makers page here.

There are other systems entering the market and gaining popularity. As we collect more information for you we will be sure to add pages to the site. Single Serve Coffee Makers are a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite beverage so go buy yours today!

You can visit and read great reviews of the best coffee makers on Pickmybrewer. We also discuss new features and qualities of coffee makers. You will find a guide for troubleshooting and also the parts of the coffee maker on pickmybrewer. We evaluate results from the market and gives you the best reviews for coffee makers.

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