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best rated pod coffee makers

If you looking for the best rated pod coffee makers, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will find the list of best rated pod coffee makers. Pod coffee makers routinely show up in the list of the best-rated coffee makers altogether. This is because they are extremely easy to use, and they make consistently great coffee each and every time out. Of course, not all pod coffee makers are created equally. Two brands seem to stand above the rest in terms of quality and user ratings.

So what are the best rated pod coffee makers?

The answers come back unanimously- the Keurig coffee maker and Tassimo coffee makers are the most popular and the highest-rated of all of the pod coffee makers. Here are a few different models you may want to consider, as well as some additional thoughts that could help you in your decision.

Keurig B30 Mini Personal Single-Serve Brewing System, Black
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $89.95
Amazon Price: $74.00

Keurig B30 Mini Personal Brewer – This model from Keurig is extremely affordable and also has the advantage of being extremely small. It’s designed as a single serving coffee maker meaning that it doesn’t have an extra water reservoir, while almost all other models do. It’s the ideal solution for a college dorm room or another situation when cost and/or space are the most important factors.

Keurig B70 Elite Brewer – The Keurig B70 has a full 60-ounce water reservoir and can make four different sizes of coffee to match any tastes. A similar model is the Keurig B60 which has a 48-ounce water reservoir and can make three different sizes of coffee.

Breville Gourmet Home Brewing System – This is the stylish, high-end model of Keurig coffee maker. Stainless steel with a blue LCD display, it has a 64-ounce water reservoir and can make four different coffee cup sizes. It’s a perfect match for the kitchen with high-end gadgets and stainless steel appliances.

Braun Tassimo TA1200 Single-Serve Hot-Beverage System
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $129.99
Amazon Price: $199.99

Braun Tassimo TA 1200 Hot Beverage System: This is one of the more popular of the Tassimo coffee makers, featuring a 50-ounce water reservoir. The Tassimo TA 1400 features a larger water reservoir but is otherwise mostly compatible.

Bosch Tassimo TAS4511UC Single-Serve Brewer: This is one of the best-rated coffee makers on the market including all ranges and styles. It features an LCD interface and a massive 67-ounce water reservoir, making it an ideal solution as an office coffee maker when lots of people need their morning or midday caffeine fix but everyone likes different flavours and wants a perfectly fresh cup on demand.

So now, of course, the obvious question is which is the better option, a Keurig coffee maker or one of the several types of Tassimo coffee makers? Both options are great, and the above models only represent a small sampling of the many choices you have.

The truth is that there is no one correct answer between the Keurig coffee maker and Tassimo coffee makers. Both are quick, efficient, consistent and extremely easy to use. Tassimo has the advantage of having Starbucks coffee; but Keurig boasts many more brands and options, as well as different models and variations.

If you’re looking for the best-rated coffee makers, you may want to take a look at the pod coffee makers. Keurig and Tassimo lead the pack and are enjoyed by everyone who uses them. Of course, pod coffee makers are great for either the home or the office and can be used and enjoyed by anybody.

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